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The Value of Hard Work – Quote

FACE just sent me an email with this inspiring and useful quotation:

“Without industry and frugality, no people in the world can flourish. If families live in idleness, if people go beyond their abilities in living, building, dress… if children are not carefully brought up to industry, there is no doubt they will be miserable, [even] with the greatest and best advantages. It is therefore highly necessary, if considered only as the means of present public happiness, that children be trained up to useful business, that we retrench superfluities, that we content our selves with the effects of our own industry. These things I urge… as now and always necessary to the life and prosperity of a people.”

Rev Amos Adams. April 6, 1769. quoted in Teaching and Learning
America’s Christian History: The Principle Approach
. Chesapeake:
Foundation for American Christian Education, 1965, p. 189.