The Destructive Power of Government “Help”

I would rather have freedom in God than “help” from the government. God please make me strong enough to stand before You and not before the governments of man!


The reservation Indian is becoming less self-sufficient and more dependent upon what he calls “the Great White Father in Washington.” Instead of freedom, the Indian has government-guaranteed “security.” Instead of individual responsibility, he has a government bureau to handle his personal affairs. There are special laws governing his right to own land and to spend tribal money. Under that system of bondage it would surprise no one to find that many thousands of Indians have remained uneducated, hungry, diseased, and mismanaged.

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Illinois Home Schooling Bill Tabled — But Fight Far From Over –


“The effort of home schooling registration by the state is a government ‘solution’ for a problem that doesn’t exist,” he said. “Study after study shows that home-schoolers consistently outperform the rest of the country in basic skill sets.”

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Roland Martin Thinks the Federal Government can Fix Obesity in America

I just read an article by Roland Martin at He is ripping on Sarah Palin because she was pointing out the error of thinking that the federal government is the answer to obesity in America.

Roland Martin does not get it.

Here is a bit from the article:

“It’s clear that we can’t go 24 hours without Sarah Palin saying something so stupid that it defies logic, but leave it to the Kim Kardashian of politics to find something wrong with first lady Michelle Obama’s effort to curb obesity in America’s kids.

“In a radio interview on Wednesday with conservative talker Laura Ingraham, Palin took dead aim at the first lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative, which is all about getting children active and involved in exercise and healthy eating.

In the wacky world of Wasilla’s finest, Palin tries to cast the effort to fight obesity as part of Michelle Obama’s ‘different worldview.'”  [Read More]

Here is my response that I posted at

Roland Martin doesn’t get it.

Does he actually believe that the federal government can stop obesity?

This is the same false reasoning that statist proponents always use – they actually believe that by showing a problem exists that it follows logically that the federal government needs to “fix” the problem.

It is now and has always been a myth that a huge centralized government is the answer to problems. Individual and local initiative is the answer.

The federal government cannot succeed in solving this kind of problem.
The risk of way to much intrusion in our lives is to great if the federal government tries.

When will statists like Roland Martin wake up?

When will Americans wake up and stop taking the kind of nonsense in this article seriously?