Emergency Co2 Day

A fellow blogger over at Forgotten Liberty has suggested an “emergency Co2 emitting day” in response to the current chill.

Since scientists tell us (although the raw data appears to be missing) that increases in CO2 emissions is causing the Earth to warm, it should make sense that if we all started emitting more CO2, we should be able to warm the Earth. We could start all the fossil fuel burning engines we have (cars, lawnmowers, chainsaws), crank up our thermostats to 85, start a bunch of bonfires, burn any coal we find laying around, and take off all the CO2 reducing components on factory smokestacks. Does that sound like a plan? I’m willing to try anything to warm the temperature up enough so I can at least take my dog for a walk.  [Read More]

What do you say? 🙂

Global Warming Co2 Scam?

If the Youtube Video is not working watch here:

Climate Change Skeptics

From Onenewsnow.com:

“What we are trying to accomplish with this conference is to present to the politicians and to the public that the debate is not over about global warming or climate change; that there is plenty of room for disagreement; and that sound science shows that the earth is not warming,” says Miller.

“For much of the latter part of the 20th century there’s been a mild warming as we come out of an ice age — but the planet today is much cooler than it was a thousand years ago.”

Besides the 70+ scientists at this conference, more than 650 scientists worldwide have expressed skepticism over manmade climate change. [Read More]