Why You Should Believe in Evolution

Originally Published on April 7, 2008

Because Richard Dawkins says so!

You can also watch this video where I got it – Youtube.com

I apologize for the one “curse” word and the apparent “censored” words. This video is still worth laughing at!

Is the theory of evolution just “dumb?”

Here is a response I posted to a bizarre comment I saw on CNN.com about Mike Huckabee.

Response to

“Everything Huckabee says or does became irrelevant the minute he raise his hand to signify he didn’t believe in evolution. America will not, and cannot, elect such a dunce.”

What? You didn’t know that man did not evolve from apes or anything else? You didn’t know that “evolution” does not explain the origin of life? You did not know that God created everything?

That stuff is all so obvious. What was wrong with all of those candidates who couldn’t see it?