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From BigGovernment.com:

“The former Governor of Massachusetts and semi-declared candidate for President, Mr. Romney, has the Massachusetts health care ‘solution’ called now ‘RomneyCare’ (a plan upon which the widely unpopular ‘Obama Care’ plan is based) to discuss with the American people. For some on the Left this provides Mr. Romney with a strong gravitas, but how will RomneyCare play on the Right?”


“Michael Graham in the Boston Herald of April 12, 2011 writes,

‘As a health care plan, Romney care is an unmitigated fiasco. It has caused costs to skyrocket, insurance premiums to soar and nonprofit providers like Blue Cross to suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.'”

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From OneNewsNow.com:

“‘Medicaid hurts the poor for a number of reasons: One, it gives them an entitlement and [the] incentive to stay there,’ she explains.

“But Dr. Eck also points out that Medicaid hurts physicians as well.

“‘The reimbursement is so low, most don’t take it. And they’ve all decided that it’s cheaper to take care of people for free. So they wind up doing a lot of free care [with] no reimbursement, [and they] still have all the liability associated with that,’ the AAPS spokesperson details.”

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Watch at Citizenlink.org

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