“Those on the left equate the acts of individual madmen like Timothy McVeigh and Jared Loughner with Islamic terrorism, and by trying to connect such ogres to Christianity or the Tea Party, they pretend that America and the world have as much to fear from adherents of Jesus Christ and Michele Bachman as they do from jihadists.”

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Big Government Delusions

Here is a quote from an Essay by James Dorn about how big government has wrecked the people it was supposed to help:

“When democracy overreaches, there is no end to the demands on the public purse, and the power of government grows. The Founding Fathers sought to create a republic with limited government, not an unlimited democracy in which the ‘winners’ are allowed to impose their will and vision of the good society on everyone else. In such a system politics becomes a fight of all against all, like the Hobbesian jungle, and nearly everyone is a net loser as taxes rise, deficits soar, and economic growth slows.”  [Read More]