Planned Parenthood Rolling in Blood Money



A record 289,650 preborn babies were killed at Planned Parenthood clinics in fiscal year 2006-07, an increase of nearly 25,000 from 2005-06. The nation’s largest abortion provider, which received $336 million in taxpayer money last year, is responsible for 25 percent of all abortions in the U.S.

Jenn Giroux, president of Women Influencing the Nation, said the numbers in the 2006-07 annual report show Planned Parenthood is clearly a for-profit business.

“What jumped out at me more than ever was the amount of our tax dollars — one third of their budget — (from) taxpayers that completely disagree with killing unborn children,” she told Family News in Focus. “It is horrifying, and taxpayers aren’t going to stand for it much longer.” [Read More]

Planned Parenthood Accused of Fraud


The latest victim of Planned Parenthood’s thieving appears to be none other than the California government. A former Vice President of Finance for the L.A. affiliate, P. Victor Gonzales, has filed a whistleblower suit in federal court, claiming that Planned Parenthood committed years of fraudulent overbilling against government-funded programs. [Read More]

Planned Parenthood and Racist Money


Representatives for Planned Parenthood are scrambling to explain how seven of its branches were caught on tape agreeing to accept bigotry-inspired donations. When recordings of the undercover investigation were released this week, spokesmen from Idaho to Ohio desperately tried to explain away the incidents.

Rebecca Poedy, the executive director of Planned Parenthood Idaho, where a vice president for development was caught exclaiming how “excited” she was to receive money from a donor who wanted to reduce the state’s black population, says her employee was misunderstood. “We need to train our staff to handle calls from people that are coming with offensive agendas,” Poedy told reporters.

Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, the tapes speak for themselves as to whose agenda is truly offensive. [Read More]