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Month: August 2007

Atheists in Heaven? — Part 2

Atheists in Heaven? — Part 2

Lee Randolph responded to my comment over at debunkingchristianity.

Here is his response:

Hi thirstyjon,

I am talking about something way beyond experience. I am talking about internal knowing! (Lee is quoting me – ThirstyJon here)

How is your experience different from the schizophrenic who is sure someone is in the room with them, or they hear voices, or different from the person who has the experience induced in them by deep brain stimulation, change in blood or oxygen flow, trauma or chemicals?

How do you know your experience is not physiological, biological or psychological?

You know that epileptics report seeing a bright light in a seizure don’t you? And the bright light phenomena can be induced in test pilot g-force simulator.

resting your case on your internal experience seems kind of flimsy.
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Here is the comment I wrote on that blog in response:

Lee Randolph wrote:

“How is your experience different from the schizophrenic…” (etc.) (I-ThirstyJon am quoting him)

My Response:

Actually, my point is that I am not talking about “experience.” Experience can be delusional, experience can be real; but it is not an accurate determiner of reality.I am talking about the internal testimony of the Spirit of God. My observation is that men and women know there is something about God, or at least a spiritual reality. God can put it inside a person to “more than know.”I don’t expect you to accept my testimony. You have to follow your own conscience. I am not offering my testimony as “proof” of anything. I just offer it for free.

My testimony is this: God is good and His will towards mankind is good. “Peace on earth, goodwill towards men.” That is what was announced when God showed up on the planet in person physically. Anyone who wants to know Him can know Him.

I can’t promise there won’t be doubts and struggles. I only assert that the Spirit of God is testifying to all men and women internally about the bad stuff in their heart; and He is also testifying about His goodness, reality, and forgiveness.

With an internal knowing that comes from God, His existence and goodness become so obvious that hearts are changed!



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Will Backsliders get to Heaven?

Will Backsliders get to Heaven?

God is obvious!Here is a comment I made on a blog entitled “Will Ex-Christians like us be in Heaven?

You can read that blog at:

My Comment:

God is very good, and the Bible teaches that he rewards those who diligently seek him.

There is always hope for someone who still desires God to be real. Even if for some reason a person has left God. (even if the reason includes the self-deception that it is because of “logic” and “reason” and “evidence”)

I used to doubt the existence of God. But since 1991 I am no longer able to doubt Him. The internal testimony is so strong that even when people say “how does your ‘experience’ prove God?” I say “I am talking about something way beyond experience. I am talking about internal knowing!”


Besides that, the existence of God is plain and obvious to all who would look around them.