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Month: September 2007

Humble Christian Government?

Humble Christian Government?

Here is another comment I just posted over at I don’t know if it will get put up or not.

Here is the comment:


Christians should humbly enter the ideas of Christian Freedom into the public debate. Christians should be willing to serve in government. These are good and right things.Christians should be careful, though, to avoid an attitude of trying to advance Faith through power. Faith is a choice of the heart based on the testimony of the Holy Spirit and of Reason. It cannot be compelled.

However, the ideas introduced to this globe via Christianity have a place in public debate, especially in a nation whose very historical core was so influenced by followers of Jesus Christ.

Let’s submit our ideas with our lives to love the world and make available to all True Freedom in Jesus.

Let’s also love those who for whatever reason cannot accept what we offer and acknowledge that each will give an account to God for their own conscience.


The Danger of Cynicism

The Danger of Cynicism


I still remember Rush Limbaugh and “America Held Hostage.”

I’ll admit it, I laughed at some of his “entertainment.” It was nice to hear a conservative voice in the midst of the chaos.

But I was concerned. I was concerned then, and I’m concerned now.

About what?

Cynicism. Negativity. Stereotyping “liberals.”

I thought to myself, “we are going to pay for this.”

Even reading the comments on my own site here, I see it.

We have gotten used to “Liberals are all whackos.” “Right-Wingers are all evil.” “George Bush is a liar.” “Bill Clinton is a womanizer.”

I think this is what is happening. Many Americans have accepted a cynical heart attitude. If someone is charged with a crime, they must be guilty. The side of the argument other than my side must all be “crooks” and “liars.”

So what do I propose? It is possible to think analytically and critically without having a judgmental attitude of anger and cynicism! It is even possible to confront “evil” with love and truth instead of negativity.

The apostle Paul called it “speaking the truth in love

It is good for us to question. It would be a serious error to believe everything the government or the media says. I definitely don’t believe everything I hear! But we can maintain a loving and positive attitude while doing it.

It can be done.

And I am not talking about “can’t we all just get along and be nice.” I am talking about love here. Jesus even teaches us to love even our enemies! I’m not talking about trying to make people feel ok.

I submit that cynicism is as much of a threat to Freedom as ignorance or blind allegiance. Because if the public is cynical, they can so easily be manipulated by their fears! If we become so convinced in our heart attitude that our opponents are wicked, the conversation is over!

Now, it is possible for someone to behave wickedly! No doubt about it. Let’s love our enemies! Let’s confront with truth, but in love. Let’s be humble about the “truth” we confront with and when shown to be an error admit it.

However, if we become gullible and in the name of “not believing everything we hear” we actually believe everything bad we hear about our opponents, we have become vulnerable to manipulation by agendas. Everyone has agendas.

Freedom requires vehement disagreement, intense discussion, public confrontation, etc. But we can always treat our fellow human beings like what they are. Created in the image of God as our equals. Even those “liberal whackos” were created by and are loved by God!



Have the “Hate Bush” people stopped listening?

Have the “Hate Bush” people stopped listening?

I just posted the following comment on

I think this quote from a previous comment shows something very clearly:

“‘I just want to close my eyes and ears until he is out of office.’
Posted By Jared … : September 6, 2007 6:43 pm”

It seems that some folks need this war to fail. What will it take to get the people in the “hate Bush” movement to set aside their prejudice and listen? There is some good happening and a potential for great things in Iraq.


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