One Iraq Option Only: Victory

One Iraq Option Only: Victory

Michael Johns, a former White House speech writer, Heritage Foundation foreign policy analyst and conservative author and blog writer, argues that the war in Iraq and the war against terror have become one and the same. If we are serious about defeating al-Qaeda, we will fight them and defeat them in Iraq. Victory is the only option. [Read More]

5 thoughts on “One Iraq Option Only: Victory

  1. You’re quoting a guy who proudly displays a photo of himself shaking hands with Richard M. Nixon. Wow,,,

    Ha said: “” the U.S. sought quickly to transfer governing authority to the Iraqi people and did that in 2004. Since then, a constitution has been written and elections have been held, suggesting the promise of an emerging Iraqi democracy.””

    Now here we are after several years of Iraqi democracy, several years after GWB returned “sovereignty” to Iraq, and they can’t even ban a contractor from their own country. After a recent incident the Iraqi government tried to ban Blackwater from doing business in their country – and they couldn’t do it!?!?

    We need to pick one – Is Iraq a sovereign nation of people taking care of their own business, or is it an American “Colony”. One or the other. If they can’t even revoke a certain business’ right to practice there, then it’s pretty clear which one it is.


    Riddle me this Jon – What does “Victory” in Iraq mean? What does it look like? How will we know when we’ve “won”?

  2. If we give up the right to defend ourselves against aggressors we will no longer be free. Our liberty will be usurped by the strong and those that incite fear.

    War is never popular. There was not complete agreement even about the Revolutionary War, and without it America would still be a colony of Britain.

    America does not create colonies. However, it is kind of us to help nations rebuild after casting out political tyranny. May peace prevail!

  3. I’ve never advocated that we “give up the right to defend ourselves”. If there were a credible threat to American freedom, and they’d still take my chubbly old butt, I’d be back in uniform in a heartbeat. But I haven’t seen it.

    Ok, so you say that Iraq is not a colony of the USA. Fair enough.

    Why couldn’t they get Blackwater out of their country?

  4. Renae, thanks for pointing out that historically there is often doubt about wars! I share your desire for peace.

    Casper, I knew you were going to latch on to the “Nixon picture” when you saw it. Maybe the guy is an Alex P. Keaton. I picked the article for the content and to highlight the need to finish.

    I believe you when you say you would be on board to defend our country and admire you for it.

    Iraq is obviously in transition. They have a government that is in the process of going from established by vote to being established in reality. Thus our need to be there.

    When can we get our of Iraq? When will there be victory?

    Well, I suspect that if in 20 years Iraq has a wonderful peace and freedom, an expanding economy, and is a leader in the region, some will still be saying that we “lost” and that it was a mistake because they need it to be a mistake to advance their political agenda!

    I will accept it as a Victory when there has been an extended season of the Iraqi government handling their defense issues on their own. When they are capable of defending their own borders and policing their own problems we can go.

    If there is still a significant Al Qaeda and/or foreign fighter presence in the country and they want our help we can leave a smaller force for a long term relationship in helping Iraq fight our common enemies.



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