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I am Thirsty for Freedom. I want to be free inside to live in every way rightly before God. :-)

Set My Spirit Free!

Set My Spirit Free!

My Friend Rachel just sent me this video.

Jesus is all about setting us free! The character in this skit got some Freedomthirst in them!


The Old Godtube Video Link

Is Barack Obama a Christian?

Is Barack Obama a Christian?

t1homeobama2gi.jpgHere is yet another comment I posted over at in response to an article about Barack Obama stating that Republicans don’t own “faith.”

It does not matter what “faith” a person claims to be a part of. It matters what policies one advances. It matters what character a candidate lives.

On Social and Moral policies regarding abortion, marriage, and education, the Republican Party has often attracted better candidates.

I will continue to vote for candidates who oppose the slaughter of innocent children through abortion. I will continue to support candidates who stand against the agenda to force Americans to acknowledge “gay” marriage via the law.

I will also continue to stand against candidates who advance a socialistic like agenda that threatens the right to private property and basic freedom. High taxes, oppressive big government, and lots of regulation are all evils that we need to stand against.

When God made a country (ancient Israel) there was no king until His people insisted on having one. I think God is into freedom from oppressive government. Socialism doesn’t fit.

The Democratic party is often socialistic in its views. I don’t buy it.

There is nothing “Holy” about the Republican party. But for as long as a third party is unable to rise up to real prominence, and for as long as the Democratic party is in the hands of dangerous socialist and socially immoral thinkers, I will be voting most of the time as a Republican. Of course, there will be exceptions only when the Democrat who is running opposes abortion being legal, opposes the “gay” marriage agenda, and opposes oppressive big-tax and high regulation government.