Freedom Thirst

Freedom Thirst

What does it mean to be free? And how does it relate to “submission to authority?” So many of the men of God that I have known really emphasize “submission” to authority. When I was younger, I really embraced this. I remember the day my life became “You say jump, and I will say ‘how high?'”

It was a season of great release for me. It was after that moment that I started to become more and more released in authority at the Mission Agency I worked with. Team Leader. Outreach Leader. School Leader. School Director. Ministry Team Leader. Then I fried a little. I always had the sense that “this isn’t quite it.” I am not doing what God put in ME. I am fulfilling the goals of other men.

But what does that mean? Is that GOOD? Is that GOD’s Training? I began to have this sense, that like Jacob, it was time for me to be raising my own flock. It is time to do what God has put in me.

I always struggle and wonder, am I a rebel? Why do I wonder if there is something wrong fundamentally with the way one man leads another in this world? Why should I tell the government my income? Who gave them the right to know that? Why do I need a license from the State to get married? Why do I need “approval” from human leaders to follow what God has put in me?

I believe I have to follow what God has given me whether or not anyone else on the planet believes with me, and whether or not anyone ever approves. That includes leaders, governments, friends, family, etc. I also believe that God has appointed leaders for roles in the development of a man. Parents, Pastors, Prophets, Brothers, Sisters.

My struggle is this. My heart does not buy that “submission” means doing what you are told. I have done so much doing what I am told. I want to be free inside. I want to be submitted to God in such a way internally that I can say “Judge for yourself whether or not I should obey God or men.”

But I am afraid. How do I separate the rebellion in my heart from the conviction that I must do what God wants? Even more of a struggle, what do I do with the part of my heart that INSISTS on being respected as a MAN, and OWNER, and an INDIVIDUAL? I am not defined by what anyone says I am – including the authorities God has placed over me.

How does it work? Submission to God vs. Submission to Man is easy when it is a clear moral issue. (Go commit murder! I cannot obey!)

But what if there is something in me that is convinced that I have a RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to be the Ruler of My Life. Not in the way the world does it (Every man for Himself), but as a free adult before God. I know, “Ruler of My Life.” How terrible. It sounds so WRONG in Christianeze. I must be a rebel, a self-willed, selfish rebel.

OR, is it actually true. All men are created equal and are endowed by God with Certain Inalienable Rights. What if it is WRONG to deny those rights?

I am not talking about THIS WORLD’s ideas about rights: “I get to do what I want, to hell with how it affects everyone else. To hell with God.” No, NO, NOOO!

What if I must worship God according to my conscience? No matter what any human authority says? What if I must speak what God has put in me?

What if I must steward my life according to my conscience? Those are the easy ones.

What if others around me think they know what is best for me? Only a fool would completely disregard the input of those who love them and who fear God as if they will give an account for one’s soul.

But in the end, each MAN must steward his life! I am concerned that I might close out the input of those who love me because I am so HUNGRY TO BE FREE!

I am a thirsty man. I desire to be free. First I want to be free inside. Free from the Devil. Free from Myself. Free from the Evil that tries to Dwell in my Flesh. Freedom from bondage to my flesh!

Then I wish to be free from other Tyrannies. The Tyrannies that men try to put on you. It seems to be innate in one man to want to control the other.

I wonder. Is it possible that no man ever has a right to exercise authority over another man unless ordained by God Himself? And even then, it must be exercised consistent with God’s boundaries and methods? No man has authority over another in and of itself. Didn’t Lex Rex settle that the Law is Indeed King?

No man is King. A child of God owes fealty to no man. No King but King Jesus. He is the only being in the universe that has a right to exercise authority over another as an inherent right. And he doesn’t even exercise it as a right. Look at the world. Is God forcing people to obey?

As I stated earlier, when it is a clear moral issue, it is easy. We must not sin against God. But what do I do with the demand for respect as an individual in my heart?

I am open to the Scriptures. I am open to the Lord. I am not open to being compelled to be and do something by MERE MEN. No way. Lord! I’ve got to know! What does it mean to be free? How does that relate to human authority?

I don’t know if I buy what I have heard. So I am on a Quest. A Quest for True Internal Freedom. An internal Freedom that knows how to flesh it out into this world externally. I am thirsty. Thirsty for freedom. I have a compulsion. A Freedom Thirst.

What would happen to the world if all men wanted, sought, and attained a greater measure of that kind of freedom? I intend to find out. Join me!

In Jesus,


Is there hope for America?

Is there hope for America?

For as long as I can remember there has been a generally negative attitude towards America in the world of Christians as I have known it. “Judgment is inevitable.” “America is not in the book of Revelation, therefore it must be going to be destroyed before those events take place.” “The problem with the church in America is…” Everyone seems to know what the problem is.

When I faced God in the late 80’s with “who will be Lord of my life” I needed to lay down my un-redeemed love for my country. I had to chose between America and God. I chose God. America died in my heart and I joined it’s critics.

In 1992 I was complaining to an Australian friend about how bad America was, and how bad the American church was.

To my complete surprise he rebuked me! How dare I judge America! He than proceeded to explain to me that American blood was poured out on the ground around the world so that others could be free. He explained about how America had done more for world missions in action and funding than any other nation. He set me straight!

Now that gave me something to think about!

I was actually in Russia, in a town called Tuapse when everything changed for me. I was laying down on an old rickety park bench, green as moss, when I saw!

I started to get God’s heart for the United States of America. No matter where I was in the world I was inspired to pray for my nation. It became my biggest burden of intercession!

In 1994 I was in a cabin in Eastern Oregon, all by myself when I broke through in a big way to God. I even claimed the White House for God, when such things seemed impossible.

I also began to notice other voices out there who had hope for America! Maybe God is not done yet with us.

More and more there were rumors of revival coming from the North in Toronto, later on there were rumors from Pensacola, Florida. The political world shifted in a lot of ways. The general feel in the air? Stuff is happening all around!

Then there came the call from Dutch Sheets and others to pray for the election in 2000. I have never felt such a fire. The word was that if we prayed God’s man would get elected.

And what a contended election that was! And whether you like him or not, George W. Bush speaks of Jesus Christ in his heart.

I truly thank God that he was our president on September 11, 2001. A man of character who doesn’t shift with the latest political winds. A man of vision, courage, and great determination. Even if he is crucified, I believe he will strive before God to do what is right.

In 2003 God seemed to show me that abortion in America was vulnerable. It is time to pray and seek Him for a mighty deliverance from this scourge on our land, this terrible polution of our national conscience, this awful evil. Millions of innocent babies slaughtered, perhaps half of them girls (what about women’s rights?)

…to be continued

Mid-term elections 2006

Mid-term elections 2006

Are you discouraged about the mid-term 2006 federal elections? Is this a sign of the end of America?

Only if you believe our salvation is in a human political party! It is not!

I believe that God had a plan when a group of desperate Pilgrims got on that boat, the Mayflower and floated to the new world. It was not a plan that can easily be thwarted by the plans of man.

God is not afraid. He is not in heaven, pulling out His hair saying “oh no! Now what will I ever do?”

One day when I was praying I had a wild image come into my being. It was a brief but very real, almost memory like moment. I could see Godly men from the founding of our nation praying like mad that somehow God would allow them to fulfill His purposes.

I do not believe that God has forgotten those prayers!

Somehow I have gotten into my innermost parts a deep conviction that God still wants to do something with America. I have wept, cried out, and sought God to know His Heart and Plan.

My message to Americans is this: We must not give up, and we must not put our hopes in political parties! We must not get discouraged and write our nation off and disengage! We MUST stay involved! We MUST pray! We MUST participate (but not put our hope) in political parties. We have got to persevere and prevail so that when the Son of Man returns, He will indeed find faith in the earth!