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The Last Best Hope of Mankind

The Last Best Hope of Mankind

A friend of mine from the U.K. took issue with Rick Perry saying that America is “the last best hope of mankind.” Below are the contents of my response:

Some thoughts on “the last best hope of mankind.”


Perry is basically quoting Ronald Reagan and Reagan was saying a variant of something that Abraham Lincoln had said. ( and

I can see why it would sound arrogant to someone from another nation. I also see that many Americans might say such words in ignorance without really knowing what they mean.

But it would be worthwhile to study the history behind them.

The Reformation in Europe created a new way to see the world, and some of the best seeds of this new way floated on boats over the pond to start the early American colonies. The European Christian Reformation saw it’s greatest fruitfulness in the fields that it planted in North America!

Those seeds grew in the U.S.A. until those ideas floated back across the pond and improved life in Europe as well. Those ideas have now been written into constitutions around the world and influenced many nations on earth.


Those ideas created a nation that along with the U.K. told Hitler exactly where he could stick his Fascist Tyranny. That same nation led the way in telling the Soviets what do do with Marxist Tyranny!

That same nation poured out it’s blood on European shores preserving liberty and self-government for much of the continent that birthed the Reformation’s ideas!

What I am getting at is this. An American could say “America is the last best hope of mankind” in an arrogant way, and an American could also say it in a way that is simply historically true.

I don’t believe that the United States is the only nation that God can use. I don’t believe that the United States is anywhere near perfect. I don’t believe that an American is somehow a greater person by virtue of where he was born than someone of another nationality.

However, there are a feisty band of Americans standing against socialist tyranny in a way that Europe has mostly abandoned. (Not completely, but mostly).

When I look around the globe (and I’ve been to many places on it) I don’t see any other nation that has a realistic chance of being a pillar for liberty and law like the United States has been and could be again. At least not for another 100 years.

Queen Esther (Source)

Like Queen Esther, Americans could pass this opportunity by and God will raise up another; but there will be heaps of global suffering in the meantime.

Whatever Barack Obama’s personal intentions are (who but God can judge the heart?) his worldview and policies are leading America towards the same World Socialism that Europe and much of the rest of the world has already embraced. If America succumbs we are in trouble.

This is why the Tea Party Movement is a good thing. This is why the Homeschool Movement is a good thing. This is why a rebirth of enthusiasm for returning to Constitutional Foundations is a good thing.

I would urge my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are offended by American Arrogance (and there definitely is Arrogance and Ignorance on many things) to FORGIVE US and PRAY for REVIVAL in America! Pray that America will rise up and fulfill it’s role. Pray that the Arrogance won’t be so great that God has to allow destruction!

If America fails God will eventually raise up another, but I don’t want to know what life will be like on planet earth in the meantime. Ronald Reagan once talked about “a thousand years of darkness.” This is a REAL HISTORICAL POSSIBILITY! In fact, the Protestant Reformation ended what was in many ways “a thousand years of darkness!”

But this remains true for the time being: America really is the last best hope of mankind.

I hope now you have some context for that quote.


Is it Time to Impeach Some Federal Judges?

Is it Time to Impeach Some Federal Judges?

Click Here for Image SourceI have often considered that one of the necessary steps to restoring liberty in America may be to impeach and remove federal judges who have blatantly made up fiction about things allegedly in the constitution. (For example, the recent case of Judge Vaughn Walker and “gay marriage.”)

Carson Holloway of The Public Discourse argues persuasively for pursuing this course of action:

“Such judicial activism has been an ongoing problem for decades. In response, a conservative legal movement has arisen to offer resistance through public and scholarly argument, the election of constitutionalist presidents and senators, and, ultimately, the appointment of judges and justices who will confine themselves to the requirements of the constitution and refrain from imposing their own values as law. Such efforts have been fruitful but never fully effective. Judicial activism has been slowed but not stopped, with the result that democratic self-governance and the rule of law continue gradually to erode. Since even the incremental surrender of these fundamental principles of American republicanism is unacceptable, it is time to weigh the use of stronger medicine. It is time to consider the impeachment of federal judges as a remedy to judicial activism.”  [Read More]

End of the World vs. Hope

End of the World vs. Hope

I recently posted an article by Chuck Colson on my facebook page:

“There are reports of rioting and looting across the country. But this is no time for such behavior. This crisis will be settled; central bank executives are meeting in Brussels even as I speak.

“I have alerted the Armed Services and issued a provisional order of martial law. This is not without precedent. President Lincoln took similar steps during the Civil War. I want to assure the American people that your safety and the just order of our society is my first priority.”

The President continued, “We must show the world that Americans are law-abiding, peace-loving citizens. So if you see military personnel in your area, obey them. The areas that have given us particular difficulty today have been largely secured. Fires that were wantonly set in Newark are being brought under control.”  [Read More]

One of my facebook friends responded with this comment:

“It makes me want to be an ostrich. I feel helpless.”

I can hardly blame her. For the past decades the Church as a whole has tended to blame all of the worlds problems on the fact that “this is the end of the world.”

How then do we as Christians warn each other and the world of the very real consequences of ditching God and his ways and the consequences of making up our own destructive “answers” to the problems in the world? How do we do sound the alarm of what really could happen while maintaining hope and even assurance of what God is going to do in the Earth?

Here is my response on facebook:

Read Daniel 2:31-45. The Iron in the Statue was the Roman Empire. The Feet made of Iron and Clay are the remnants of the Roman empire. A Kingdom was promised to come in those days (The days of ancient Rome when Jesus came!) that would shatter all of the Kingdoms of This World and replace them with the Kingdom of God filling the whole earth.

It is inevitable. God has decreed it. There is always hope. In fact, there is more than hope, there is assurance.

Read Habakkuk 2:14. (Happens to be quoted on the left side of my facebook profile). The earth WILL be filled with the Knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea! God has said it and He will do it!

Read Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus tells us to preach the gospel to all nations because All Authority in Heaven AND ON EARTH has been given to Him! Also because of this authority we should teach the world to obey everything that He commanded. (Remember that Jesus also wrote the Old Testament!)

God has given us dominion. Matthew 5:5 says that the “Meek will Inherit the Earth.” That should be us.

We cannot lose. Our job is to preach and teach and live out the ways of God in every area of life and society. God will turn that into Global Victory for Ever!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Jesus said things like “Do not Be Afraid.”

As God once said to Joshua “Shout, for I have given you the city!”

Charles Colson’s article is a great example of a dilemma that we have as Christians. How do we warn each other and the world of the inevitable consequences of sin and anti-Christian worldviews while still building hope and giving the instruction and strength to conquer?

Sin (including sinful ideas) produces consequences. The Power of God and the Gospel will triumph. The key is to see that this is true even when it looks like the whole world is “going to hell in a handbasket.”

It is times like that where we find out what we really believe.

Hopefully you will find that discussion encouraging. 🙂