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Herman Cain Drops Out

Herman Cain Drops Out

I don’t know whether or not Herman Cain has ever been involved with “sexual harassment.” I don’t know if he had an affair with someone other than his wife.

I do know that neither charge has been proven. I haven’t even seen compelling or interesting evidence.

If indeed this has been a “political assassination” it is a very sad day.

Why are people so willing to believe the worst?

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If some have worked to bear false witness against this man, we know that there is a Judge ruling the universe who makes right judgments every time. All involved will face their crimes one day.

Herman Cain was not my choice for President, but this is not how I wanted to see that come about.

Herman Cain announced Saturday that he is suspending his campaign for president, telling a crowd of supporters in his home state that the allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity had become too big a burden on his family.
His wife Gloria standing by his side in a rare public appearance, Cain decried the sustained accusations as false and declared he is “at peace” with his wife and with himself. But he said the claims have “sidetracked and distracted” from his ability to present a new vision for the country, to the point that he must call off the campaign.

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Principle or Luck?

Principle or Luck?

Republicans (and others) would like to see Barack Obama be a one term President.

Will this happen?

I don’t know. Maybe. Hopefully. But I do NOT feel like I can depend on American voters to throw him out based on principle. It is really a matter of luck. If people feel that the economy is improving in the short run they will re-elect Obama. If they feel that the immediate economic future is bleak they will vote for the other guy.

It’s almost a matter of luck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if voters were interested in what principles would give us LONG TERM prosperity?

And what about liberty? Is anyone really concerned about THAT?

Are we willing to keep sliding into a socialist tyranny as long as it FEELS like the economy is getting better?

If I had to choose between “the economy” being “better” or being FREE to pursue my own destiny I would choose FREEDOM.

After all of these years of blogging here I am still THIRSTY FOR FREEDOM.

What Does Donald Trump Know About Obama?

What Does Donald Trump Know About Obama?


“Possibly-serious Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is giving few details about the investigation he claims to have launched in Hawaii to get to the bottom of where President Obama was born, but the business mogul told CNN Thursday Americans will be “very surprised” by what he has found.

“‘We’re looking into it very, very strongly. At a certain point in time I’ll be revealing some interesting things,’ Trump said on CNN’s American Morning.

“Trump first claimed earlier this month he had sent investigators to Obama’s home state in an effort to find out if the president was indeed born there, as he says he was and several media organization’s independent investigations have confirmed.

“‘I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding,’ Trump told NBC then.”

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Here is an interview with Trump on CNN about the “birther” issue: