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ThirstyJon’s Rant on Family

ThirstyJon’s Rant on Family

Well friends, I just went on a Rant on another post in response to the comments there. It is important enough to repost here. 🙂


So, a court has told a biological mother that a another woman – who is neither the biological mother nor the adopted mother of the child has rights to have access to the child as a parent? And y’all (various commenters) don’t see the insanity in that? Have I mis-understood the situation? Do you have information that I don’t have?

All of you have children. What if someone who was a part of your life when your child was born won custody/parental rights in court and you could no longer protect your child from that person? How can you not see that this is nuts?

I don’t get it. I really don’t.

It is clear to me what this is all about. It is a direct attack on “what is marriage?” and “what are parents?” The truth is, we all know what marriage is and we all know what parents are. It is clear in natural law and clear in human tradition and very, very clear in Biblical teaching. There is an agenda from our Ancient Enemy himself to destroy the institution that is responsible for producing the future of the world by birthing and raising children. Some humans have gotten on board.

Sorry to be so black-and-white about it. No, acutally, I’m not sorry. Unless I have wrong information (which is always a possibility, sometimes more info about what is going on can clear things up) this is a pretty clear case.



P.S. When I have children (which I don’t) I want to be able to raise them according to God’s ways without interference from the State. The Bible commands parents to teach their children and raise them. It does not issue the same command to the State.

P.P.S. In this case it does not matter what the child wants. A mother has a right and a responsibility to protect her child from such insanity.

P.P.P.S. What is all this about how the other woman feels? As one human being to another, I care how she feels and I want her to be blessed by God. But that has nothing to do with the fact that a court is granting her RIGHTS here that she does not actually have in reality! We as humans do not have any right to re-define marriage or parenting according to our own standards. God set this stuff up in the Garden of Eden and we are sowing our own destruction if we ignore Him.

The Shadow Sexual Revolution – Legalizing Pedophilia

The Shadow Sexual Revolution – Legalizing Pedophilia

Duane Lester has written an article at about the dangers of a movement towards the legalizing of pedophilia. I thought he did a pretty thorough job:

The current movement to legalize and normalize pedophilia may seem unrealistic to some. I have yet to have someone agree with me when I claim that it will be legal in the next 25-30 years. But there are many, as I have detailed here, who see pedophiles as an oppressed minority. They see the road to freedom as being the same road homosexuals marched down. The first step would be the removal of pedophilia as a mental illness, a move the APA has already considered. Then, using the research of Kinsey and others mentioned above, the move would be made to abolish the age of consent. With the seeming support of science, this could be possible and it would effectively legalize pedophilia. With the legal burden lifted, the effort would then shift to normalization and acceptance. This is done by pedophiles casting themselves as a minority, a victim of a culture that rejects them. March after march makes the sight of a fifty year old man giving a six year old boy a deep tongue kiss nothing more than a sign of America’s tolerance, regardless of who gets hurt.

There are some things we should not tolerate. The legalization and normalization of pedophilia is one of those things. [Read More]