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Ron Paul to End Active Campaigning

Ron Paul to End Active Campaigning

Well, I am back in the USA! I feel closer to what is going on with the upcoming presidential election. I never had time to write about Huckabee pulling out of the race.

I just read that Ron Paul pulled out – although if you watch the video on my post here you will see that he has not pulled out! He has only acknowledged that he is not going to win and will “wind down” his campaign. According to Ron Paul, this is only the beginning of a liberty revolution.

This was a hard election for me to follow because I was in Australia and couldn’t have close discussions with the people that I would normally have around me during an election. I also couldn’t track what was going on by properly watching the debates.

As a result, I don’t know as much about Ron Paul as I would like to know. I don’t agree with him about the Iraq war, but I have heard some things that I do agree with.

I’ll be watching the movement to see what I have in common with the “Ron Paul Revolution.” (Although Ron Paul says in the video that it isn’t a “Ron Paul” revolution. It will take other candidates and people as well).

Here is the story on

ronpaul.jpg“We are acknowledging that Ron will not be the nominee and that we are winding down the campaign,” said Jesse Benton, the Paul campaign’s communication manager.Paul hinted the end was near in a video to supporters posted on YouTube on Thursday.

“Though victory in the conventional political sense is not available in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved due to your hard work and enthusiasm,” Paul said in the video.

His comments came two days after Sen. John McCain became the presumptive GOP nominee. [Read More]

Here is Ron Paul making the announcement:

Ron Paul Thunders on

Ron Paul Thunders on

What do we do with Ron Paul? Some of what he says really resonates with me.

Read this:

ron-paul-from-cnn.jpgMy main concern about Ron Paul is that he would just yank us out of Iraq. Regardless of whether or not we should be there, I seriously question the wisdom of that. All of us have to contend with the decisions those that have gone before have made, and even if we disagree with them, it would be smart to seriously consider the long-term credibility of the United States. Starting a war and then changing our minds is not good policy.

Your thoughts?