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Eloquent Defense of “God Created” at Republican Debate

Eloquent Defense of “God Created” at Republican Debate

“The rest of the field was more or less forgettable, with the exception of Mike Huckabee and his response to the question about evolution. Huckabee took what could have been a difficult question for some and turned it into an eloquent defense of his belief in God which I suspect resonated with a great number of Americans, regardless of their politics:” [Taken From: Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics]

These comments were made by Tom Bevan on the Real Clear Politics Blog.

Make sure you watch the video! Mike Huckabee is quite eloquent and bold in his assertion of his belief in God as the Creator.

I don’t know if Huckabee is our next president, but I do know that Bob Jones prophesied that the next president would be a man of God if Christians prayed!

I don’t believe that being “religious” makes one a better president; but I do know that a serious and healthy view of God does. The ideas of Freedom have come from God (check out We will not be free without Him.

[For the Serious World Changer – a complete transcript of the debate]

Global Warming Farce?

Global Warming Farce?

My brother sent me this video that debunks the whole Industrial Caused Global Warming thing. I have noticed a movement among Christians to be more “environmentalist.”

I want to be wise with our environment, but I don’t buy all of the “science” that I hear. Watch this video and tell me what you think.

You can also watch this video at google or youtube.
This documentary was originally shown on Channel 4 in the UK.
You can read more about this video and purchase a copy at: