"It was for freedom that Christ has set us free..." Gal 5:1

From Rutherford.org:

On Thursday, June 15, 2006, [Brittany] McComb delivered her commencement address to over 400 fellow students, families and staff. However, believing that the district’s censorship of her speech amounted to a violation of her right to free speech, she attempted to deliver the original version of her remarks in which she shares her personal beliefs about the role that her Christian beliefs played in her success.

When school officials found her to be straying from the approved text, they unplugged her microphone, thus ending the address. Despite extensive jeers from the audience over the school officials’ actions, McComb was not permitted to finish giving her valedictory speech. [Read More]

The Video of her speech:

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Interesting that it was her mentioning of Jesus Christ that got the mic turned off. I suppose babbling about a vague “god” concept is ok, just don’t say “Jesus.”

I am encouraged by this girls bravery. May we see another million+ like her come through our schools!

I don’t know how the Supreme Court will decide on this case, but without a doubt we need young people to take a stand like Brittany McComb! Imagine if all Christian young people stood up for their beliefs and their rights (and responsibility) to testify about them?

I think the Secularist Silliness would not last long.

7 Responses to “Don’t Say That Name!”
  1. Casey says:

    When I graduated from high school in Tennessee they let me lead the whole audience in the Lord’s Prayer.

    • ThirstyJon says:

      Wow Casey. That makes me wonder how old you are! 🙂

      It probably wouldn’t have been an issue at my high school either, and I graduated in 1989. Of course, I wasn’t speaking at my graduation at all! 🙂

  2. Alexander says:

    A popular social network site cut off discussion on this topic. Stay tuned…I will be writing an article on this!

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  4. Casey says:

    You’re a bit older than me, then, Jon. 🙂

  5. BrotherMark says:

    Greetings Brother,

    What are they afraid of to hear the name
    of Jesus spoken in a public place?
    Even Satan believed in Jesus. It is an
    other matter entirely, to “BELIEVE HIM” !

    God bless,
    Your Brother Mark

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