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Canadian Court Insanity?

Canadian Court Insanity?

“I had a perfectly healthy child a year ago, and that perfectly healthy child has been altered and destroyed for absolutely no good reason,” Rob said in an exclusive interview. “She can never go back to being a girl in the healthy body that she should have had. She’s going to forever have a lower voice. She’ll forever have to shave because of facial hair. She won’t be able to have children…”

This father was apparently forced to stand back and watch as his 14 year old daughter was given testosterone injections against his will.

He was convicted of “family violence” for referring to her as a girl and threatened with arrest if he did so again.

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Donald Trump Wants Mexico To Prevent People From Leaving

Donald Trump Wants Mexico To Prevent People From Leaving

Make Mexico A Prison?

Are you frustrated about illegal immigration in the US?

Are you wishing somebody would do something to stop it?

Donald Trump is demanding that Mexico prevent people from entering the United States.

Are you hearing that?

Do you get the implication?

In order for Mexico to stop the flow of illegal immigrants they have to actively suppress people leaving.

Think Berlin Wall.

“You can’t leave.”

Are you really sure that is what you want?

Our President encouraging other nations to keep their people in?