Global Warming Doomsday – Cancelled

This video is 44 minutes long and presents some though provoking ideas and information about the Human Caused Global Warming Myth:

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Original Source: CBC Canada

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From Crisis to Crisis – Climate Change


1954 – 1976 GLOBAL COOLING – There seems to be some overlap between these periods as the MSM moved back to Global Cooling. They predicted billions of people dying again. In 1970 the Washington Post told readers to “get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters – the worst may be yet to come”. Fortune Magazine ran a story that said “As for the present cooling trend a number of leading climatologists have concluded that it is very bad news indeed” it continued with “It is the root cause of a lot of that unpleasant weather around the world and they warn that it carries the potential for human disasters of unprecedented magnitude”. [Read More]

Global Warming? Or is it Cooling?


And remember the Arctic Sea ice? The ice we were told so hysterically last fall had melted to its “lowest levels on record? Never mind that those records only date back as far as 1972 and that there is anthropological and geological evidence of much greater melts in the past.

The ice is back.

Gilles Langis, a senior forecaster with the Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa, says the Arctic winter has been so severe the ice has not only recovered, it is actually 10 to 20 cm thicker in many places than at this time last year.

OK, so one winter does not a climate make. It would be premature to claim an Ice Age is looming just because… [Read More]