Why You Should Believe in Evolution

Originally Published on April 7, 2008

Because Richard Dawkins says so!

You can also watch this video where I got it – Youtube.com

I apologize for the one “curse” word and the apparent “censored” words. This video is still worth laughing at!

Flying Saucer Sighting

From The Fredzone:

“I couldn’t hardly fit it into my mind what I was seeing. A real live flying saucer right in front of my eyes. But do you think that was enough for me? You bet it wasn’t. I also noticed that there was an American flag on it. I mean what are the odds…”

An Important Election Analysis from the Fredzone

The Fredzone:

My opinion on the terror guys is that they need a hobby to keep them busy. If they had gotten legos when they were little they wouldn’t be trying to build bombs now. [Read More]