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Month: September 2009

War on Homeschooling – War on Freedom

War on Homeschooling – War on Freedom

I just read a distressing article at about Swedish authorities storming an airplane commando style to take Dominic Johansson from his parents. The reason? Apparently because he was homeschooled!

Here is a quote from the article:

Annie and Dominic Johansson

“‘Any nation that severely restricts the ability of parents to choose alternative forms of education, including home education, in the name of creating national unity, cannot call itself a free nation. Freedom necessarily requires the individual to have the liberty to think differently and believe differently than programs instituted by the current rulers of any nation. Educational freedom is the cornerstone for all freedom of thought and conscience,’ he [Michael Farris] said.”  [Read More]

A Christian View of History

A Christian View of History

The Christian view about world history is pretty remarkable. The Bible actually runs a genealogy back to the first human being!

The Bible tracks from Adam to Noah, and then after Noah to all the people groups in the ancient world. This is a pretty amazing claim.

Watch almost any contemporary movie dealing with something “ancient” and you get this sense of a mysterious, unknown long-ancient past. Yet in a Christian Worldview, while there may be mystery about the details, history has a beginning and it is going somewhere. It started with Adam and leads up to now, and eventually the return of Christ. God is doing something definite, and we can see it throughout history!

We are heading towards a Bride of Christ loving God, one another, and “leavening” the whole earth until the return of Jesus. The book of Daniel portrays a kingdom getting bigger and bigger and overtaking all of the kingdoms of the earth. Revelation declares that “the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our God.”

A Christian view of history? God is sovereignly raising up a people who know Him and love Him and live according to His ways. This people will inherit the earth. This people will draw and then embrace everyone who will be “saved” into that Kingdom. The Holy Spirit in them will do this!

I like this.

We aren’t going to evolve into a higher species. We are going to make ourselves extinct. We can and will take dominion of the earth while loving one another!

I’m into that.