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Month: December 2009

Is God Into Tyranny?

Is God Into Tyranny?

Originally Published on April 10, 2007:

One man ruling all others is an invention of men. It does not come from God.

In I Samuel 8:1ff the Israelites realize that Samuel is getting old. They tell Samuel that they want a king.

Examine God’s response to their request.

1. God equates their request for a human king as rejecting Him as their King! God says to Samuel “[the people] have not rejected you [Samuel], but they have rejected Me…” I Samuel 8:7b

Could it be that it is NOT God’s will for us as human beings to become slaves to another human being in order to be “protected?” Could it be that God’s plan is for each man to be a “king” treating his brothers as equals? Could it be that men are to “protect” one another as equals, not requiring a pledge of fealty?

2. God equates their request for a human king as idolatry! He directly equates it to the worship of other gods! I Samuel 8:8

I do not believe God wants His children to look to other men to be their salvation. The desire to be “ruled by one” when referring to a mere man is idolatry.

3. God warns them of the problems with “one-man-rule” “top-down” authority.
a. The “dictator” is going to want an army at his command and there will be a draft. I Samuel 8:11-12
b. The “dictator” will make slaves out everyone, men and women, requiring them to work for his agenda. I Samuel 8:12b-16
c. The “dictator” will implement taxes on goods and finances in such an oppressive way that all will be like slaves. I Samuel 8:14-17
d. The people will just come to God in the end crying out for deliverance from the very government that they themselves asked for! I Samuel 8:18

Oh My!

When I was a teenager I remember Ronald Reagan saying “the government is not the solution to the problem, the government is the problem!”

I don’t know if Reagan originated that quote, but I believe the Bible is filled with such ideas! I Samuel 8 is one of the best and most insightful warnings I have seen against the dangers of “all-mighty” government.

Why didn’t the government save us from September 11? Why didn’t they stop those Hurricanes in Louisiana? Why are there children starving?

I believe we as humans are responsible for one another. We are responsible for starving children. We are responsible to stop evil. We are responsible to aid our fellow man during a disaster.

BUT! But I must warn my fellow man. We need to be very careful looking for salvation from a human king. Even if we make the “government” king we are in danger of being reduced to slavery.

Government has its purposes, and is appointed by God Himself, but it is NOT the Savior of the World. That Honor and Duty remains with Jesus Christ. Thus the early Americans cried out that famous line: “No King but King Jesus!”

As long as we expect government to solve our problems, we will never be free.

And as you know, I am thirsty to be truly free!


Deceptive Health Care Reform

Deceptive Health Care Reform


The legislation would extend [Emphasis Added] health insurance coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans while reducing the federal deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office.  [Read More]

So the next time you want help from me, this is what you will get: I will tell you to help yourself or else I am going to fine you a bunch of money. Then I’ll go tell everyone I know that I’ve “extended” help to you.

Do you like that?

This is what you get when you look for the federal government to “help” you.

Huckabee on Christmas

Huckabee on Christmas

I think Huckabee understates the dark significance of what the current congress is trying to pull of with Health Care “Reform,” but I agree with him that it is the story of Jesus that will last through the ages.