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Significant Moments in His-Story

Significant Moments in His-Story

My friend Ben just wrote an article referring to Sunday’s Health Care “reform” vote. It is posted at Go read it, and then check out the seminars and online course that he offers.

Here is a sample:

One of the things that make tomorrow (Sunday March 21st, 2010) one of those “moments” will never show in the media. I believe there is more focused prayer being sent Heavenward from Americans, than at any time in my 80 years. Those who know Jewish history are familiar with the times when things reached a point that enough members of a society prayed for divine help – and it was granted.

At issue tomorrow, is godliness vs. ungodliness. Liberty is as evangelical as it is political. Are we to be a nation (society) governed by laws that reflect and protect our liberty? – or – Are we to be a nation (society) governed by force and manipulation?  [Read More]

Can you be “irresponsible” enough to trust God?

Can you be “irresponsible” enough to trust God?

The following article was written by Ben Gilmore and is posted at with his permission. Enjoy!

Most of us have made nervous jokes about trusting God. I like to illustrate it with the story of Peter walking on the water. (Take a folding chair as the boat.) Peter is on his knees in the boat (chair) looking over the side. Jesus bids him, “Come.”

Peter climbs out of the boat (over the chair back) standing with one hand on the boat’s gunnel (chair back). Jesus encourages him. Peter “walks on the water” pulling the boat (chair) behind him. Jesus tells him to keep his eyes on Him and turn loose of the boat.

Now Peter cannot take eyes off Jesus without sinking. He feels behind him and for all he knows the boat is long gone. Only after he turns loose of the boat is he being irresponsible enough to trust God! It isn’t “trust” if he is holding onto the boat!

There is a “flip side” to balance this story. — If it isn’t Jesus bidding, Peter’s presumption is going to get him wet!

The existence of a problem is NOT a mandate to take responsibility for a solution. There were lots of problems Jesus walked past without addressing. In times past (I’ll be 80 this month) I have jumped in (unbidden) to help God. It wasn’t pretty!

I guess it is human nature to want to do things FOR God, rather than permit Him to do things THROUGH me. A form of pride.

All that to say this. Every evidence is that our nation is being led by people with an honest, sincere desire to destroy it, and replace it with a global benevolent aristocracy. Power is far more addictive than the strongest heroin, or sex drive.

As radical as it may sound, our foundations are systematically being attacked. It appears so openly blatant, that those in power behave as if there will be martial law, rather than traditional elections in 2010. Power grown too strong will not be yielded voluntarily.

Continuing with illustrations of the problem would only produce frustration, hopelessness, and anger. Not very useful goals!

What are we to do?

First – Stay cool. “Be still and know that I am God.” Christ said, “My peace give I unto you. Not as the world giveth….” If we will stay prayed up and open, we can use that “peace” like a compass needle for direction. Pride is what we must put aside. Let Him work through us rather than seeking to “do it for God” (and take the credit!).

I do not doubt for a second that this situation is firmly in the Lord’s hand. He will surely call some to lead and others to follow. Some will be called as candidates, others as organizers, still others as reporters and historians. There is only one General, the rest of us are privates!

Second – Expect God to move in positive ways for our best interests. That may seem hard to do, but it is not. “Privates” just follow orders! Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you. Follow the peace He uses to direct YOUR individual path. DO NOT allow yourself to be swept up into mindless activity, but be sensitive to recognize Godly leaders should they arise.

Third – This is NOT license to kick back in a self righteous “holy huddle” and sing “Cum by’a”. When God gave the promised land to the Israelites, He added, “Now go fight for it!” Each of us has a job to do if His work, and that of our forefathers, is not to have been done in vain! Pray, find the peace (which may pass understanding!), get your orders, and get on with it!

Proverbs 16:3

Of Mosques and Churches

Of Mosques and Churches

Welcome to’s first Guest Blog. Our first “guest blogger” is Ben! It has not been edited at all, accept to add a couple of pictures. The thoughts are entirely those of the author, and don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of, and the quote of Ronald Reagan is part of Ben’s post. Having said that, I can say that Ben is a great guy. 🙂 Enjoy and leave your thoughts! Speak freely but be nice. 🙂

Author: Ben

“Politics and morality are inseparable. And as morality’s foundation is religion, religion and politics are necessarily related. We need religion as a guide. We need it because we are imperfect, and our government needs the church, because only those humble enough to admit they’re sinners can bring to democracy the tolerance it requires in order to survive.” –Ronald Reagan


For some time now, I have been contemplating the issue of mosques being built across America with apparent funding from the middle east. Most recently, the issue has become a local one with the proposed mosque in San Martin.

The basic presupposition in Reagan’s statement is, “The heart of man is wicked.” That statement is at the root of a culture war.

If men (generic) are wicked, then they need to be restrained by laws and external force. Such restraint is an act of self defense by society. How, then are we to have liberty?

The counter argument is that men are “good” and their wickedness is caused by external forces (environment, heritage, tradition…).

(Article Continues Below)

In one case, individuals are responsible (internally) for their actions. In the other, individuals are not responsible, they are victims of external forces.

America is founded upon the concept that individuals are responsible for their actions. It is also founded on the concept that men are intended to be at liberty. Here then, is a paradox:

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