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Was the FLDS raid necessary?

Was the FLDS raid necessary?

I find the idea of anyone of any age being forced to marry extremely disturbing. There is no doubt in my mind that this constitutes a crime that should continue to be punishable by law. When such arrangements are forced on underage children we are talking about a great evil!

But as I watch this story unfold I have questions. I have been trying to think about how to express those questions. Then I stumbled on this article by Joseph Farah at He asks some good questions! I encourage you to read the article.

Here is a sample:

Is there a community in America where child abuse is not taking place?

Don’t we normally arrest individual suspects and try them for their crimes?

Do we normally and pre-emptively round up all the children in a community where it is suspected abuse is taking place without specific evidence?

When a government schoolteacher is arrested for abusing one student, are all the students in that school assumed to be victims?

And why aren’t all the usual, dependable advocates of tolerance, diversity and alternative lifestyles actively protesting the disruption of life within a peaceful community based on society’s imposition of its own sense of morality?

Is the secular state really better at determining what’s best for the children of the YFZ Ranch than are the parents of those children? [Read More]