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So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt…

So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt…

I remember the old Keith Green song “so you wanna go back to Egypt, where it’s dry and secure….”

The children of Israel were marching across the desert to meet their destiny in a new land. They had left their slave master Egyptians behind.

When times got hard, they forgot about the horrors of their slavery, and remembered instead the supposed good times they had in Egypt!

Some want everything to be free. Education. Medical Care. Retirement. Some want the life they feel that they deserve. They want it given to them by others.

As long as Americans want our government to take care of us we can never truly be free. We become slaves to those we look to for our salvation.

Bojidar Marinov says it well over at American Vision:

Slavery doesn’t start with the slaveholders. It starts with the slaves. It doesn’t start when someone draws a gun and forces others to work for them. It starts when the others refuse to take care of themselves and their families, when they ask for someone to give them what they want—from cradle to grave. Freely. Slavery starts when a man abandons the responsibility to make decisions for his own life and let others make those decisions. The real essence of slavery is in the deliberate surrender of individual rights and responsibilities to others. Slavery is in the instinct to be a sheep and find others to feed you and shear you.  [Read More]

Sometimes I’d like to kick back and relax and just receive. But I know it doesn’t actually work that way. In the end the slave master will want something in return, and I will no longer be free.

God help me to stand tall and strong! Raise up a generation who wants to be saved by God, not by their neighbors. Raise up a generation who will say no to slavery!