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Prayer for Freedom

Prayer for Freedom

Call to Prayer
I believe with deep sincerity that the current health care legislation that may be voted on Sunday would be a disaster if passed into law. I believe this legislation is immoral.

I believe that as long as American Christians do not recognize the serious threat that Statism presents to Freedom, America will continue to elect people to office who have very dangerous worldviews. This current fiasco could have been foreseen. Barack Obama is only doing what he told us he would do. Americans still elected him. The Democratic Party is only doing the kind of thing they have promised to do. Americans still elected them.

The problem is with the American people for ever having elected the current government.

One way or the other God will triumph, and freedom will triumph; but ever time we allow such massive expansions of the federal government we are putting our posterity’s future in jeopardy. The question isn’t so much “will God and freedom triumph in the end” but “how much suffering will we inflict on ourselves before we allow God’s plans for Liberty to triumph?

I am asking God to help me – to help me spend some time hearing His heart and approaching Him in prayer for our nation that this disaster would be avoided. Then, whether it is avoided or not, I will be praying that God illuminates the hearts of America so that we throw out the people who are trying to push this travesty on us, and then never again elect such a majority of people who are foolish enough to ignore the dangers of a Messianic State.