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Using the Poor in Venezuela

Using the Poor in Venezuela

Red Venezuela

Communism / Marxism / Socialism do not help the poor, they use the poor.

If you want to help the poor, show them how to change their situation. Stay away from the cruelty of state sponsored wealth distribution.

Or you may end up with the kind of “yiechhhkkchh” going on in Venezuala.

From Yahoo News:

“National Guard soldiers, who have policing powers, used tear gas to repel a small group of opposition candidates near the legislature on a busy downtown street, TV images showed, after they appeared to clash with parliament workers.

“‘We were walking toward the assembly. We were going to read a document, and without warning the National Guard started firing tear gas,’ candidate Stalin Gonzalez told opposition TV station Globovision. The parliament issued a statement accusing the candidates of trying to force their way into the building.”  

Big Government Delusions

Big Government Delusions

Here is a quote from an Essay by James Dorn about how big government has wrecked the people it was supposed to help:

“When democracy overreaches, there is no end to the demands on the public purse, and the power of government grows. The Founding Fathers sought to create a republic with limited government, not an unlimited democracy in which the ‘winners’ are allowed to impose their will and vision of the good society on everyone else. In such a system politics becomes a fight of all against all, like the Hobbesian jungle, and nearly everyone is a net loser as taxes rise, deficits soar, and economic growth slows.”