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This is mostly boring, you probably won’t watch the whole thing. You will get the point fairly quickly.

Here is another one about similar “tolerance.”

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It’s not that often that I learn something I never learned before, but today I did. I just read an article talking about how “the pill” sometimes causes abortions without the mother knowing that it did. In other words, some mothers may be ignorantly aborting their children through their birth control pills on a regular basis!

Is this true?

I don’t know, it’s still too new of an idea to me.

Read about this at GenerationsWithVision.com:

The true number of aborted children since 1960 or 1973 in this country is far more than 50 million. It may be closer to 200 million if you include those killed by the pill, the day-after pill, and RU486. How much of the birth rate drop from 4.0 (in 1950) to 2.0 presently is made up of dead, aborted babies?  [Read More]

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Watch at Citizenlink.org

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