The Young Speak Life

The Young Speak Life

Here is the video that everyone is talking about. A young girl from Canada speaks out on Life, even when her teachers asked her not to. She is only 12 in the video!

There is always hope!

You can also watch it here. wrote an article about her and the video:

Kimberly, Lia’s mother, says Lia was told by school officials that if she chose the topic of abortion, she would not be allowed to participate in the speech contest. But both were surprised when Lia’s pro-choice teacher had a change of heart.

“Her teacher was really impressed by this speech and perhaps moved by it, and therefore her teacher kind of was a real supporter of [Lia] winning for the class,” Kimberly notes. “And she had to go through a couple of hoops and get clearance from a couple of other teachers before she could be declared winner of the class.” [Read More]

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  1. This young lady is very impressive. I do have a question though: why did she use the US statistics instead of her own country of Canada? I know abortion is legal there. It seems Canadians like to look at the States a lot and not their own nation and I would like to know why. Does Canada sensor this information?

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