Is America Headed for Socialism?

This video from The Gary Demar Show is from 2010 but it is particularly relevant to today:

What do you think?

The Scourge of Unbridled Democracy

What’s going on in Egypt?

Is it a good thing?

Here are some good principled thoughts from

Attempts to export our political form without the worldview that gave it its heart will lead to unintended consequences.

via The Scourge of Unbridled Democracy

The Gospel of Everything


The WHOLE World!
It has become fashionable these days for preachers and theologians to give us “the gospel” in a short form. “The Gospel in 6 minutes.” Or, “the Gospel in one sentence.” What they usually present is a short statement about Jesus’ work for our individual salvation. And that’s all. The main message of the Gospel for our modern preachers seems to be that our individual salvation is the most important goal of God, and Christ came to serve and achieve that most important goal. Thus, the modern view of the Gospel in many churches doesn’t differ too much from the pagan view of the pagan religions. It in fact doesn’t differ from what pagans would want Christianity to be. Many things are excluded from the Gospel: culture, justice, families, history, science, etc. The “gospel” of our modern preachers is strictly limited to one area only: me and mine.  [Read More]