Germany Goes Backwards

How can they not see it?

They must not know what freedom is. They must not have learned.

A judge in Germany sends parents to jail for homeschooling their parents. What???


“A mother and father who have been homeschooling their children each have been ordered by a German judge to serve three-month prison terms after a prosecutor said he was unhappy with fines the family paid and he wanted the parents jailed.

“The sentences for Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek were announced in Germany’s equivalent of a district court today in the state of Hesse, according to a staff attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association. The group, the premier homeschooling advocacy organization in the world, has been monitoring and helping in the Dudeks’ case since before a federal prosecutor announced his intention more than a year ago to see the parents behind bars.

“‘Words escape me, it’s unconscionable, incredible, shocking,’ HSLDA staff attorney Mike Donnelly told WND after he got word of the sentence. ‘They’ll appeal of course.'” [Read More]

Homeschool Parents Race to Escape German Government

This is scary stuff over at an article on

“A homeschooling family is trying to arrange an escape from Germany before authorities can complete a court action that would give the state custody of their five children, according to a pro-family advocacy organization.”  [Read More]

German Court: Homeschooling is ‘child endangerment’

Alright. Here is an interesting case. Germany has outlawed homeschooling, and they have literally been willing to fine people, take away custody of their children, etc. What is going on here?

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