Germany Goes Backwards

Germany Goes Backwards

How can they not see it?

They must not know what freedom is. They must not have learned.

A judge in Germany sends parents to jail for homeschooling their parents. What???


“A mother and father who have been homeschooling their children each have been ordered by a German judge to serve three-month prison terms after a prosecutor said he was unhappy with fines the family paid and he wanted the parents jailed.

“The sentences for Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek were announced in Germany’s equivalent of a district court today in the state of Hesse, according to a staff attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association. The group, the premier homeschooling advocacy organization in the world, has been monitoring and helping in the Dudeks’ case since before a federal prosecutor announced his intention more than a year ago to see the parents behind bars.

“‘Words escape me, it’s unconscionable, incredible, shocking,’ HSLDA staff attorney Mike Donnelly told WND after he got word of the sentence. ‘They’ll appeal of course.'” [Read More]

4 thoughts on “Germany Goes Backwards

  1. That is so insane. How is imprisoning the poor kid’s parents going to help him? It sounds like they’re trying to make an example of this family.

    One thing that scares me about the upcoming elections in the US is that it may result in new supreme court justices who think like this. In many ways the judicial system has been gaining way too much power in the US, and it looks like the same has happend in Germany.

  2. I think governments (in Europe particularly) have done a lot to undermine parental authority and choice over their children. Pretty scary stuff. In Canada, Prime Minister Harper’s Conservatives have recently tabled a bill (S209) that would criminalize spanking. If passed, this would totally make passible of emprisonment any parent caught correcting their children by means of correction that are deemed to be abusive, amongst others – spanking. They would be charged with assault. Hum! no wonder some kids have come to believe they are now in charge of their hosehold…Another story that raised the hair on my head was that of a 12-year old girl in the region of Gatineau, Qc who after having been grounded by her father (he did not condone what she was doing on the internet) decided to challenge that “extreme” punishment and use one of her friend’s computer to continue exposing some of her personal pictures over the net. When her dad found out, he decided that not only the grounding was still on but he did not allowed her to go on a 3-day field trip with her school. The 12 year-old hired a lawyer (not sure who exactly provided it) and took her dad to court where a judge ruled that the father had acted too arshly and gave the girl “permission” to go on her field trip. Of course, the father intends to appeal this decision. In a way, I am so glad that my kids are older now and do not need to be scolded or spanked. Why? Because in their young age, I never let them step over my head in order to get what they wanted. ad the government intervened like they are trying to do today, God knows where my kids would be…And life goes on!!!

  3. As America is involved with globalization it would not surprise me in the least to see the US eventually outlaw home schooling. America also has a history during the twentieth century in following the Europeans by a few years. Germany, England, France and Austria legalized abortion before we did. It is unusual in many European countries to be married and have children. Most couples just live together. I once read a book called “About a Boy” which was written by an Englishman. In it the 12 year old tells the adult that he believes marriage is on the way out.

    Europe embraced Darwin’s teachings before America. Also the Republican Governor of California wants to take more control over home schooling within his own state. California now has legallized same sex marriages.

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