Can a “conservative” care about the environment?

Can a “conservative” care about the environment?

Newt Gingrich thinks so, and so do I! Check out the following article from

We Can Have Green Conservatism — And We Should
by Newt Gingrich

Posted: 04/23/2007
I had a debate a couple weeks ago with Sen. John Kerry — followed by a speech last week — about something called “green conservatism.” Some of my old friends have approached me to ask why I’m spending so much time talking about the environment — and with a former Democratic nominee for President no less.

The answer is simple: For the last 36 years, I have watched the pro-regulation, pro-litigation, pro-taxation liberals label themselves as the only Americans who care about the environment.

The leftwing machine would have you believe that to care about clean air and water, biodiversity, and the future of the Earth you have to both buy in to their catastrophic scenarios and sign on to their command-and-control bureaucratic liberal agenda…
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  1. You know something… I actually like Newt Gingrich. I know he has a reputation and all, but if he was running for president and John McCain wasn’t, I’d vote for him.

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