George Bush is Doing a Good Thing?

George Bush is Doing a Good Thing?

Well, whadya know! Here are some folks who actually appreciate the Bush stand against the Kyoto Strategy. Hmmm…

Bush administration praised for opposing Kyoto treaty (

Chad Groening OneNewsNow.comMay 7, 2007

A public-policy think tank says the Bush administration is completely justified in ignoring the demands from European countries to ratify the Kyoto global warming treaty. [Read More…]

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One thought on “George Bush is Doing a Good Thing?

  1. While I cannot speak to whether or not the quote below is accurate, it seems like an odd and misleading way to measure emissions output. Our GDP is huge, so it is not surprising our emissions/GDP ratio is better (and probably may be compared to any country). Also, emissions/unit of energy isn’t a proper way to measure this. If I owned a car that gets only 5 mpg and drove only 100 miles a month when I wasn’t walking or biking, I would be burning less fuel than one with a 30 mpg car that drove 1000/month.

    Our energy consumption per capita is 50-100% higher than countries such as Britain, Germany and France. That is the only true way to measure the “efficiency” of our country’s engergy consumption. The ratios quoted by the think tank are disingenuous. There is no escaping the fact that we Americans are energy hogs.

    “While our economy is growing faster than Europe’s [and] our population is growing faster than Europe’s — some of Europe has shrinking populations — they are putting out more emissions per unit of GDP, more emissions per unit of energy used than we are,” the NCPA spokesman observes. “Our plants, our workers are more efficient.”

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