Could this unpopular war still be right?

Could this unpopular war still be right?

A picture of a soldiers in iraq from - is not related to this blog or its content, it is just a cool picture.  :-)I just read an interesting blog standing up for the Iraq war in some ways.

You can read it at

Here is a quote from David Anderson at

There is hope. Victory is not a dream; it is an objective we have to work to obtain. Unfortunately, it will take many more tears and American blood. We are indeed tiring, but we will not falter. We will dig deep and show what makes Americans special. We have always risen to the call of history.The problem is that the Democrat leaders are predisposed to accept American failure. Lincoln heard the same voices. He determined to win before the next election. President Bush must do the same because the next President will not be able to. [Read More]

Here is the response I left on his site:

ThirstyJon said…

I liked reading your perspective. I found this site through a comment you made on Nick Dupree’s site.

I am not sure if I agree about Rumsfield, but I do believe that George W. Bush is a man with the guts to lead. I have had questions about the Iraq war from the start; but there is no doubt in my mind about one thing – now that we have done it, the only option is victory.

We have to persevere. I am not a politician so I can say “stay the course” and I don’t care if people thinks that means “don’t change strategy.”

Change strategy however much we have to, but we must win!

I am concerned that the Democratic party has staked so much politically on this “disastrous war” that now they have to see us fail in Iraq. I am not saying it is their heart motive, but they have gotten into a corner where to see George W. Bush succeed in Iraq would be a political disaster for them.

God Help Us!

And, if we seek Him, He will.



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