Love Believes all Things

Love Believes all Things

Picture is from the Washington Post Blog.  Click the picture to go there.Senator Craig is really going through it right now. He is going through public humiliation and he is being pressured to resign.

Read an article about him on CNN and listen to him argue with the officer who arrested him at:

(article continues below)

I made a comment on the site. I don’t know if CNN will post it or not.

Here it is:

I listened to that tape and heard nothing that proved him guilty.

If he did what he was accused of, his career is probably over and I feel compassion for him. If he did not, I wish that he had not plead guilty!

But I do understand why he would.

Unfortunately, we have created a culture where public figures are considered guilty until proven innocent. In the courtroom they may be presumed innocent, but it is not so in the public eye. If an innocent man was arrested and charged with soliciting sex in public, that also may have ruined his career, even if he had plead not guilty. Perhaps the senator is innocent but “chickened out” and plead guilty to avoid exactly what he is going through now.

I Cor 13 says “Love … believes all things…” That is a good reason for us to treat someone as innocent until proven guilty both in the courts and in our hearts. We should be grieved, not delighted, if someone is proven guilty.


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