Let the little children come to Jesus

Let the little children come to Jesus

I sent a myspace message to a friend of mine and she said I should post it, so here it is! (Slightly modified for a public forum) 🙂

miss-south-carolina-mistake.jpgWhile channel surfing the other day, I happened to flip to a channel covering a beauty pageant. I happened to show up when some girl was aggressively strutting around the stage in a bikini. I don’t know who it was. Unfortunately, that was not too surprising to see on television. (That is one of the reasons my wife and I sometimes try and avoid television) However, after the “Miss North Carolina” incident blew up all over You Tube I learned the fact that she was one of many girls who were 15, 16, and 17 years old!

An article I read somewhere said that the girl who won the “swimsuit competition” was only 15!

Take those little pieces of string off and that TV moment would be child pornography!


Not only that, but the competition was between what God made (which is nobodies business but each girls future husband and her own) in one girl and what He made (also nobodies business) in another! How is that competition? God made those girls and their faces and bodies. They didn’t make themselves. Is God competing against God? There is nothing wrong with beauty; it is all just misused and blown out of proportion, especially the sexual attraction aspect.

I am trusting God’s grace that all of us men, including myself, can be persuaded in our inner most being to go home and love, desire, and enjoy life with our own wives to the zillionth degree (body, mind, and soul) and leave little girls alone!

With God’s help, we can do just that. The whole world will be happier.



P.S. I made a comment on one post where someone was criticizing Miss South Carolina from the pageant. My comment said “She is just a kid, leave her alone!” I don’t know how old she is, but no teenager should be subject to such public exposure and humiliation. I hope she is able to laugh at herself and move on. She is valuable to God no matter what.
[Read the post I am referring to here]

P.P.S. All right all you men who are reading this. Let’s you and I remember what Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone!”

3 thoughts on “Let the little children come to Jesus

  1. I think this sort of body display and comparison is very degrading. Picking up the watching TV comment, there seems to be less and less that a Christian (male) can watch if they’re serious about controlling their sexual desires. I recently finished reading an excellent book called “Every man’s battle” which talks about avoiding “the look” completely in order to achieve this. I highly recommend it (the book and the practice).

  2. Response to Rose:

    Thanks for the info through your comment! I thought she was 17. I read that she was 17 on in an article somewhere, but she may have turned 18 since then.

    I still vote we leave her alone though. She is still young. 🙂

    Not only that, but “Let the little children come to Jesus” applies to all, even the aged.



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