The Worst Religion

The Worst Religion

I just posted the following comment over at another blog:

The Other Blog:

“Gary’s comment:

Gary said:”I think there are two ways to stop wars.

“1) Ban religion

“2) Whoever goes to war the war starts by the leaders first born both having a duel

“The problem is the leaders of nations rarely actually taste the brutality of war but will send others to do just that.”

My response:

Make sure you include Atheism in the banned religions. With some of the “Atheistic” and supposedly “anti-religious” communist atrocities in the last century atheism takes it’s place as one of the most evil in it’s contribution to wars and death.



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  1. [Irrelevant personal insult deleted] Atheism isn’t a religion, religion is something that you need faith to believe in because it’s ridiculous. Atheism merely points to facts and says “well, there is no proof of the god humans believe in”.

    Come on, even Mother Teresa knew it was a croc.

    Atheism is not having faith. It’s derriving your values through experiencing life, not reading an ancient text. Which do you think is a more fulfilling journey? Being told how to live, or living on your own. It’s obvious that most weak-willed people have chosen religion. In most religions you can do bad things and repent. Atheists don’t have that option, I mean, it’s not like repenting does anything anyway. It’s as good as praying… basically “really wishing” lol.

    Religious people “repent”… non-believers deal with what they have done and learn from their mistakes. Religious people can just keep repenting, or talk to an old man in a booth, as if that helps somehow.. lol.

    No wait, it gets better… you have all these people called “priests” who are supposed to be the messengers of god…but instead of doing that(I mean none of them *actually* do it, its not like they are sending e-mails to god…they are just praying like any other person) a significant percentage of them take to molesting children. Why? Why you ask? Because they have to take a vow of abstinence…who in their right mind would do this? Gay people that have an intense amount of shame and don’t want to risk being outed. Well, but why would they want to molest children? Well maybe because their overzealous religious parents told them they were going to hell if they were gay, the day the child realized it was the day he pushed it away… so he never was allowed to like anyone… so his emotions never matured… and that priest is basically as sexually mature as a 12 year old boy. Do you see though? How could a priest know right from wrong in terms of sex… when they are celibate? That is part of human life! You’re making people afraid to live it because of a verse in some book… lol

    rant ended

    Yep, Atheism is the problem. 😉

  2. Response to Jon:

    It would take a gigantic leap of faith for me to choose to believe there is no God when His existence is so abundantly obvious. Atheism is not a religion that I have enough faith to participate in.

    P.S. Stereotyping priests as gay child-molesters doesn’t prove anything about God. I wonder if you have ever met anyone who has a heart relationship with God. I hope some day you do.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that about all priests…it’s just something that could be fixed really easily, if certain religious groups could get over the fact there are gay people. I mean, it’s just two guys being naked together, some people act like it’s the apocalypse.

    I’ve met nice religious people and I have friends that are religious… these are just my views. I have strong opinions about atheism

    Sorry for my irrelevant personal insult. 😛

  4. 1.) Ban religion

    Ban religion? Well that’s fairly drastic! This step would also lead to the question of what is techinically a “religion” as ThirstyJon pointed out: is Atheism included? At what point does a series of rules or guidelines one uses to gage their morals actually cross the line into being religious?
    It’s easy to sit back and say that look at all the wars that have been fought over religion, if you ban all religion, the wars will stop. The error with such logic is that many of these same wars were not fought because of religion, but by the banning of certain types of it. Not allowing people the freedom to freely choose a religion also creates wars. So many people are willing to die defending their religion, imagine what they’ll do when they are not even allowed to acknowledge it! Oh, and good luck banning internal religious thoughts!

    “2) Whoever goes to war the war starts by the leaders first born both having a duel

    “The problem is the leaders of nations rarely actually taste the brutality of war but will send others to do just that.”

    This is even more comical to think about in a logical sense. First the leaders don’t taste the brutality of war, their children do. I understand the point the author was trying to make, but the idea breaks down in several ways.

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