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  1. I’ve changed my mind on Huckabee:

    He’s soft on crime, and that’s something I just can’t support. He’s a great speaker and has a great personality, but I don’t think he’s right for the presidency.

    I’ll take him at his word on the DuMond case, but there’s no getting past his commutation of the sentences of 11 convicted murderers.

  2. Hey Casey!

    Is that the only issue you have with Huckabee? What do you know about the individual cases?

    I personally don’t believe that “forgiveness” is the place of the State. Governors or Presidents should be granting pardons when an injustice has been done. (Wrongful Conviction, Inappropriate Sentence, other Unique and Special Circumstances that make the punishment or conviction unjust)

    Personally, I am not ready to give up on Huckabee yet. These things usually include more than meets the eye.

    God Bless and thanks for visiting Freedomthirst!


  3. Hi Jon,

    No, that’s not the only issue I have against Huckabee. I also think he is soft on illegal immigration and that he is fiscally liberal. Oftentimes his speeches sound like they could be made by Democrats. I’m sure there is more than meets the eye to each of these things, and running a state is no easy task, but all these things added together seem to paint a picture of Huckabee as less than 100% conservative.

  4. Hey Casey,

    I am not decided yet. As is plain to see by all of my posts, Huckabee has my eye the most. I am open to a Fred Thompson, or even a John McCain.

    The investigation continues!



  5. Casey,

    I would be open to even Ron Paul. (I love some of his ideas) Alan Keyes as well.

    My only concern about Ron Paul is the possibility of a disastrous quick pull-out from Iraq.


  6. I’m open to Huckabee, Jon, I’m just not rooting for him anymore. I think Thompson is the best choice for our nation, but I’ll vote for any Republican that gets the nomination except for Giuliani.

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