3 thoughts on “Romney Speaks for Himself on Abortion

  1. I believe I wasn’t going to vote for Romney before that Video. He seems to rely on smoke and mirrors too much. By the Time Oregon primary gets here The smoke will have cleared and I may have to Swallow Hard…

  2. I’m voting for Huckaby! Romney is to “middle of the road to me”. How can a candidate say that his personal beliefs are not the issue of course they are the issue because that is the perspective from which we make our decisions!
    Legal abortion has little to do with safety and lots to do with choice and who pays for that choice. The Choice Is Made When Two People Remove Their Clothes And Have Intercourse. THAT was the choice and once it’s made they BOTH should honor their own choice! The only one without a choice is the baby being killed and those of us that don’t want our tax money funding it!
    Grace and Peace,

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