40 Reasons to Ban Guns

40 Reasons to Ban Guns

I just read an article at towhichireplied.blogspot.com about gun control that was very interesting.

18. In spite of waiting periods, background checks, fingerprinting, government forms, etc., guns today are too readily available, which is responsible for recent school shootings. In the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s, anyone could buy guns at hardware stores, army surplus stores, gas stations, variety stores, Sears mail order, no waiting, no background check, no fingerprints, no government forms and there were no school shootings.  [Read More]

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  1. Hello David! I can’t remember how I found the 40 Reasons article. I might have found it on Digg from you actually. I looked up so many articles that day that I don’t remember where I started the chain that led me to that one!



    And thanks for the hat tip Wickle! 🙂

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