Government or Individual?

Government or Individual?

Comment and Question from Casper:

“equal distribution of wealth” is not part of the Liberal point of view – or part of the humanist point of view. It is a part of the Communist worldview that you’re expecting to see in us when you look through your Rove-colored glasses, but it’s just not there in modern Liberalism/Progressivism. We do believe that children should not starve to death in a world where “Pet Psychiatrist” is a valid career choice.

Question Jon, and I really want to know. If you’re short for time, please ignore the rest of my post and just answer this question. Some people are well off – and others are not. Why? What determines who shall have plenty and who shall do without?

My Response:

Ok. Let’s say “forced re-distribution of wealth for the purpose of individual welfare.” Taxing for the purpose of “helping” individuals is just that.

The American Founding Fathers were looking for a promotion of “general welfare.” Individual welfare is primarily the responsibility of the individual.

What causes poverty? Individual Choices, Corruption, Injustice. If we want a government that promotes freedom we will move that government to focus on equal justice for rich and poor alike. (Not welfare or forced re-distribution of wealth.) If you steal, you are appropriately punished. Whether you stole a car or hijacked millions of dollars you will know that our society will not accept stealing. (for example)

The place where I am searching is this: Sometimes the rich oppress the poor in ways that are grey and cloudy because the poor don’t make the choices that will end their poverty! I am convinced this is wrong, I am less clear on government’s role.

Clear situation – A band of rich men purchase the losers in an African battle and ship them over the ocean to be “owned” and become forced labor. Very wrong. It is the place of government to defend those and punish the perpetrators.

Less Clear – A big corporation finds a way to provide the goods in a better and cheaper way. Everyone buys from the big corporation. The corporation wants to make the goods even cheaper to take more sales away from the other big corporation. They cut pay. They don’t recognize that their workers need to make a living! This is wrong, but the workers and the buyers are part of the problem. The buyer is unwilling to consider the cost to the worker. The worker doesn’t choose to believe that God will take care of him if he will trust Him!

If the worker were to tell the big corporation “buy buy” what would happen? Well, probably another “voluntary slave” would show up to take his place. But if we proliferate the ideas of freedom and create Free People, there will be fewer and fewer of those “voluntary slaves” and the Big Corporation will be forced to pay more and treat their workers better. Perhaps the buyers will have to pay a bit more for their goods.

Should the government intervene? Well, if the government comes from the point of view that the workers and buyers are not complicit in the problem the government will try to regulate the Big Corporation and now the owners of the Big Corporation (investors, people with money in savings accounts, etc. – i.e. Casper and ThirstyJon and others) are made slaves to the government as are the workers and buyers (also Casper and ThirstyJon).

Government can use force to make us do things. Big Corporations can only use manipulation, fear, incentive, etc.

The Government is more dangerous.

Thus, to free the oppressed worker (unless it is things like they are not being paid what they were promised or the contract is being broken – you know, lying, stealing, murdering, etc.) we need to produce workers who are free. In fact they know they are not workers but “owners” and dominion takers over what God gives them.

Free individuals cannot be stopped if there are enough of them. I want to be one. I want to produce more of them.

One thought on “Government or Individual?

  1. There is a difference between being equal in value and equal in talents, intellect, etc. No one person is like another. Not everyone has the same needs, desires, or character.

    Equal distribution of wealth does not take that into account. If you give everyone the same stuff, someone will waste it all, while another will save it. No amount of government regulation will fix that.

    Yes, we all need food, clothing, and shelter, but some individuals may have allergies or health issues. Beans from the government may not be sufficient for them.

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