Alarmism Continues

Alarmism Continues


artwilkinscollapse.jpgScambos said the poles will be the leading edge of what’s happening in the rest of the world as global warming continues.

“Even though they seem far away, changes in the polar regions could have an impact on both hemispheres, with sea level rise and changes in climate patterns,” he said.

News of the Wilkins ice shelf’s impending breakup came less than two weeks after the United Nations Environment Program reported that the world’s glaciers are melting away and that they show “record” losses.

“Data from close to 30 reference glaciers in nine mountain ranges indicate that between the years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 the average rate of melting and thinning more than doubled,” the UNEP said March 16.

The most severe glacial shrinking occurred in Europe, with Norway’s Breidalblikkbrea glacier, UNEP said. That glacier thinned by about 10 feet in 2006, compared with less than a foot the year before, it said. [Read More]

2 thoughts on “Alarmism Continues

  1. Yes,,, yes,,, A chunk of ice the size of the state of Connecticut just broke loose from the Antarctic ice shelf – but everything’s fine! There’s nothing to worry about! The mere 95% of the scientific community that has bought into this “Global Warming” hoax is just a bunch of Liberal killjoys who hate America, Mom and Apple Pie! (Can you imagine anybody not liking apple pie?).

  2. Casper,

    Why in the world does a chunk of ice breaking loose mean anything is not fine? One could almost think you haven’t noticed that it has happened before, many many times.

    By the way, a majority saying something is true doesn’t make it true. Additionally, I am not convinced of your number.

    Read these: Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory ::: Survey of Scientists on Global Warming ::: Senate Minority Report

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