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  1. Just downloaded the document “Intolerance and the Politicization of Science…”, as well as an annex which seems to basically be a collection of letters exchanged from the time Dr. Sternberg started being discrimated against. Long document but I think worth reading.

    In a letter dated April 7, 2006 and adressed by Senator Rick Santorum and Mark Souder to The Honorable Lawrence M. Small of the Smithsonian Institution, one of the comments that is made right in the beginning of that letter is “It is apparent to us that the Smithsonian is guided by an authoritarian ideology that suppresses free scientific inquiry and intellectual curiosity that are so essential to the practice of good science.” In the same letter, Senator Santorum quotes from a Dr. Lemaitre’s background research on Dr. Sternberg: “”This is truly frightening! I cannot believe it has come down to this. Scientists have been perfectly willing to let these people alone in their churches. But now it looks like these people are coming out and invading our schools, biology classes, museums, and now our professional journals. These people to my mind are only a scale up on the fundies of a more destructive kind in other parts of the world.” I wonder who is invading who nowadays – hence the importance to start training our kids at home, who hopefully will not derogate from it and stand up tall in the crowd. So far, so good!

  2. My husband and I rarely go to movies. (The last one we saw in the theater was Amazing Grace.) We will make an effort to see this one next week. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

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