Dangerous Agenda

Dangerous Agenda

So, why would someone like me, who normally is not very interested in other people’s sexual behavior, take such a keen interest in the Homosexual Agenda?

Is it because they are just wrong? Is it because God hates sin? Am I a homophobe?

None of the above. I wouldn’t want anyone to be trapped in a homosexual lifestyle, but my main concern is the threat that the Homosexual Political Agenda poses to Liberty. In the guise of trying to promote their own “liberty” the Agenda seems very willing to violate the Liberty of Conscience of others.

I am convinced that these concerns are not irrelevant. A friend asked me years ago “why are you even worried about it” and then implied that Christian Fundamentalists were some how activists against homosexuality.

I spent a long time thinking about what he said. Then I started to realize it. It is the Homosexual Political Agenda that is trying to “ram stuff down everyone’s throat,” not Christians. Christians mostly just want to be able to live their lives and raise their families according to the Ways of God. And yes, they want to maintain the freedom to reach out and love others into the same blessings, if those others choose to be open.

I once read an article by Roland Martin of CNN criticizing Christian Leaders such as James Dobson and Pat Robertson of letting the Heart of Christianity be hijacked by political activism.

I spent some time thinking about that as well. Then I realized it. I know about these guys, and some of the others that Roland Martin mentioned. Anyone who thinks that James Dobson or Pat Robertson, or most other Chirstian leaders spend most of their time on political issues doesn’t know these individuals and has not been following their ministries! James Dobson has spent his life as a family counselor providing resources to strengthen the family. Very little of it has anything to do with politics. He is all about healing marriages and the upbringing of children! Focus on the Family has provided resources and ministries that strengthen the family unit all around the world! Pat Robertson’s ministry is most involved with Christian Television, Preaching the Gospel around the world, and helping the poor and needy around the world.

I have noticed a reactionary movement among Christians (especially young ones) to distance themselves from such great men because of their political views. Some Christians would even retreat from the political arena all together. Sometimes I want to. It seems like a bitter and negative place. The Reactionaries blame Christian leaders for the “politicization of Christianity.”

While I acknowledge that I have personally met and heard Christians that do not well represent Jesus in the communication of their political views, the Media and Educational Elites have done more to misrepresent Christians than Christians have themselves. With a few exceptions, the “right-wing, fundamentalist, bigoted, evangelical, overly politicized Christian who should just go to church and leave everyone alone” is a mythical creation of contemporary attitudes and world views. Many of the Christians that I meet have strong political views, but spend their time running dairys, being businessmen, working as construction workers, helping the poor, and serving in world missions, etc. (i.e. living an all-around normal life).

I have spoken with folks and read many things written by those who agree with the Homosexual Political Agenda, and many that I have spoken to bear a clear hatred of Christianity. Not all. Some try to mold Christianity into something that will “accept” homosexuality. Some even kindly acknowledge the possibility of peaceably agreeing to disagree.

But the Movement itself is, without a doubt, a serious threat to Religious Liberty, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Conscience!

One of the clearest areas where these consequences manifest is the world of “hate crime” and “hate speech” legislation. I once wrote one of my Senators (Barack Obama) to ask him why he was supporting such legislation. He emailed me back to assure me that my concerns were unfounded.

The fact that he does not see what is happening in the world is one of the reasons he is not qualified to be our next President.

I remember the bitter opposition and accusations of hate that came against a campus ministry that I was a part of when I was in college when we suggested that homosexuality was harmful and sinful. We were not disagreed with or challenged on intellectual grounds. We were accused of “hate.”

“Hate?” Bizarre. I remember being asked whether or not I believed Homosexuality was sin once. I said “yes” and was immediately labeled a “homophobe.” Homophobe? Fear of homosexuals?

I am most convinced of the Homosexual Agendas Threat to Liberty when I read about actual events in nations that have enacted hate-crimes or hate-speech legislation or included “sexual preference” or “orientation” in a category of “special rights.”

Consider this example in Canada told by OneNewsNow.com:

Christian Horizons is an evangelical ministry in Ontario that has cared for more than 1,400 people with developmental disabilities in 180 group homes. The group requires all employees to sign a contract agreeing to abstain from all sexual immorality, including homosexuality. When Christian Horizons fired a female employee who became involved with another woman, she complained to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which fined the ministry $23,000 and two years back pay. [Read More]

The Canadian Government shows signs of being seriously deceived and devoid of any knowledge of Liberty in this matter. How can they not see that a Christian Ministry has a right and responsibility before God to hire employees that follow their moral standard? How can anyone not see that they have a right and responsibility to enforce those moral standards with their employees?

This is one of many examples of how serious this threat is.

So how do we as Christians respond?

We need to fight the long-term worldview battle by bringing up our children and all of those given to us by God in the Knowledge and Ways of God and the Bible. A group of Free Individuals is more powerful than any other human force in the long run. I keep digging articles by homeschool moms because I see the hope of our nation in them. The next generation will make the change.

In the meantime we need to fight the good fight. It is important that we remember that “our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers” (Eph). Homosexuals as human beings are not our enemy. Our enemy is the Devil and the Ideas that he promotes in the earth. We need to fight in prayer and in the battle of ideas. We also need to take a stand with our votes and by supporting those who are on the forefront of these battles in government. There needs to be letters written, neighbors persuaded, blog posts posted.

And somehow, in the midst of that, we need to show with our actions what it means to be truly loved with the love of Jesus. We need to show it to all men and women, including Homosexual Activists. If they remain in their deception they may never recognize love but we’ve got to remember that God is our Judge, not human beings. Even if humans were our enemies the Bible commands us to love them. But we are not required to love them with something that is in fact not love at all – the accepting of the Homosexual Agenda.

My view of America’s future is optimistic. I think we are in a temporary “dark season” which happens to be right smack in the middle of a National Christian Revival. Things can get better. If we pray and fight they will.

We don’t need to be afraid of deception or people. We just need to pray and act.

Let’s preserve Religious Liberty, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Conscience for our Posterity.

What do you say?

9 thoughts on “Dangerous Agenda

  1. great article thirstyjon- such a difficult subject to not be ‘misheard’ on. I like the way you dissected and not just looked on the surface of the issue. Lots of groups have agendas, and when they always seem to look like the victim- it is easy to get your agenda in, and in this case- over run others in the process.

    I think i may be one of the’ young people’ you mentioned here:

    “I have noticed a reactionary movement among Christians (especially young ones) to distance themselves from such great men because of their political views. Some Christians would even retreat from the political arena all together. Sometimes I want to. It seems like a bitter and negative place. The Reactionaries blame Christian leaders for the “politicization of Christianity.”

    I do honestly not agree with (as greg boyd says) putting the ‘political’ cart before the ‘kingdom’ horse. I’m not against being political, though it’s not my personal passion. But i do get … frustrated with all the pressure to be political or align myself with a political party when I do not see even christian politicians reflecting jesus values.

    The gov may never be pro-Christian, and i would actually be surprised to see it ever be that. I think you are talking mostly about making sure our basic rights are not taken away or ignored, and that i think is a good cause- a fair one. But fighting to try and make a world government reflect Christs kingdom seems… like a lot to me. It is hard to not just be attracted to the simple communities that live out their faith with the people God has already put around them. As christians we were never promised that life would be an easy road for us. And i’m not completely convinced that making it easy for us to live here is the fight we’ve been given.

    that’s my small time, stay at home mom world view. 😉 (in a non-passive aggressive way-haha)

  2. Cara,

    I understand your feelings! Sometimes I feel defiled even touching politics.

    I once had a great revelation when sitting on a chair in the water out in front of a great beach house in Yachats, Oregon.

    I was asking God if the things of this world mattered. Why shouldn’t I just work to get people “saved” and let the world as we know it rot for what it is – a stinking lost place?

    This is what I understood: In the same way that I feed, cloth, wash, and care for my body, even though it will perish and not be with me in present form for all eternity; I also should wash, feed, cloth, think, fight, strive, serve, discuss, debate, whatever to redeem the systems of society, even though this world is passing away!

    If those who know God don’t intervene and involve themselves with things like government, those who do not know God will rule the systems of this world and us!

    I think what happens is Christians try to intervene and they get crap all over them. (Just like if you tried to clean up a nasty village in a third world country). Everyone knows that selfish-ambition for power is disgusting. Lying, cheating, manipulating, fear, control, etc. are all nasty and defiling. The world’s ways in economics, government, education, business and so on are defiled. If we get involved as Christians we need to bring humility and keep getting cleaned up by God, because we are still in contact with our fallen nature and can become susceptible to the very nastiness that we are trying to transform!

    But I submit that we not give up. Sometimes I wonder if the cynicism, sarcasm, etc. has gotten on me somehow. Yick. God help me enter the fray but stay humble and continue to love “my enemy”!

    If we can remember these things, the world is ours for the taking!



  3. i’d just like to reiterate that i’m not against being involved in the political process – i’m all for activism too- I just want to be careful where we put this political energy and that we don’t do it in way that reflects the heart of God (as best we know it) which is love. The church has launched its own attack on homosexuality and abortion trying to pass laws ‘against’ people- and no wonder people are put on the defensive and do not feel welcomed or at home in a church. there has to be another way to uphold the truth of scripture without coming across as an ass 😉
    I completely enjoyed the the discussion on speakingoffaith.publicradio.org between chuck colson, greg boyd and shane claiborne called Evangelical Politics: Three Generations. There is a section in there near the end of the hour when a question is asked about homosexuals in the church. The answers are really interesting. (i also blogged about it on my myspace)

  4. Interesting piece Jon, I admire your consistency.

    Now let’s suppose for a moment that I am a business owner. By your logic, I have a right and even a duty to staff my business with people that share my world view and my sense of morality. Like the group that you’re cheering for here, I may find that there is someone in my employ that I disagree with on a moral basis.

    Political conservatism and evangelical christianity may offend me. I might believe that political conservatism is elitist, regressive, bloodthirsty, and the first step toward fascism. As a politically liberal unitarian christian I may believe that evangelical christianity is a bizarre cult of intolerance that has taken Jesus’ beautiful message of love and acceptance and forgiveness and twisted it into an ugly jingoism similar to the mess that got women burned alive in Massachusetts so many years ago.

    So one day I come into the shop, and my employee is listening to Limbaugh and trying to talk his coworkers into boycotting Disney because they used Elton John music in one of their movies, so I fire him.

    Would you write a similar piece about my “Religious Liberty, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Conscience”? 🙂

  5. By the way Casper, if you start an organization whose purpose is clearly to live out the religion of secular humanism or unitarianism and you refuse to hire or even fire a Christian whose life and message are in direct opposition to what you are trying to do, I back your right to do so. It doesn’t make sense to force the “We are against the Christian Religion” society to hire members of the “the Christian Religion is the only hope for the world” society.



  6. Casper, you misunderstood my point. Re-reading my comment I can see why you did. I meant the remarks about "against the Christian religions society", etc., as an illustration. I wasn't judging you or asserting that about you or Unitarians (although it would be somewhat true of secular humanists if you read their own websites.)

    I believe firmly in "judge not lest ye be judged." I don't find that principle to be in conflict with Christians asserting that it is ok to hire (especially when the organization's purpose is Christian as in the case of the ministry referred to in the article) people who reflect their goals and visions. If I were an "only Baptists go to heaven" type, it would be silly for me to assert that the local Unitarian church ought to hire me.



  7. Yes, I clearly see the difference between differences of religious opinion and sexual “immorality”. One can be a serious factor in the workplace (especially if the person is particularly bellicose), and the other should never be. Bonus points for knowing which is which,,,


    Wow, Unitarians are “against the Christian Religion”. That’s quite a statement.

    Thirstyjon, we all pick and choose from the bible. Unless you are blogging from a prison cell where you’re doing life for stoning a child who smarted off to his mom, then you’ve probably compromised from a perfectly literal reading same as everyone else.

    Your denomination has chosen to really zero in on “a man shall not lie with a man as with a woman…” and mine has chosen to put a little more stock in “judge not, lest ye be judged”,,, but to say that I’m “against the Christian Religion” is pretty bold, even for you.

  8. How about a joke?

    A jew and a catholic and a methodist were in a cab, driven by a Pakastani muslim. The cab was hit by a bus and they were all killed.

    When they get to heaven, St. Peter welcomes them all and begins to show them around. He tells the Jew “Here’s where most of you guys hang out. No pork here, and lots of manischevitz. Just be quiet around the stairwells”.

    Peter tells the Catholic “Here’s the Catholic area. Lots of candles so you’ll feel at home. Just be quiet around the stairwell”.

    He tells the cab driver, “Hello muslim friend, here’s your rug. Just be quiet around the stairwells”.

    Finally the Methodist turns to him and say “What’s the deal with the stairwells?”.

    Pete says “We keep the Baptists in the attic – they think they’re the only ones here”. Hehehe 🙂 (I was raised baptist, I’m allowed).


    The woman in your news piece was a current employee. She lost a job, her livelihood, over something in her personal life. Firing is usually a form of punishment, and most of us would consider it a form of “economic harm”.

    I can kind of agree with your idea that the southern baptist conference shouldn’t be forced to hire a guy who comes to the job interview in Hasidic garb, but to fire a current employee over something that most of us would consider to be frankly none of an employers’ business seems a little rough.

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