Man sues Bible publishers over homosexuality

Man sues Bible publishers over homosexuality

Oh boy.

“A homosexual man who has a blog on Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign website is suing two major Christian publishers for violating his constitutional rights and causing emotional pain, because the Bible versions they publish refer to homosexuality as a sin.”[Read More]

5 thoughts on “Man sues Bible publishers over homosexuality

  1. Jon – nice to read you again,

    what have we come to…I read this article yesterday and I think this guy has no chance. Come on!!! Might as well suing God himself for being discriminatory. In a sense, our world can do whatever it wishes – from taking away the bible from our hands but one thing they cannot do is ripping our heart out or our chest.

    Another thing, if this guy is so bothered by what the bible says on homosexuality, so be it that his whole mind wll be so mixed up that he’ll come to his senses!!!

    God Bless,

  2. I noticed that the Bible verse he quoted looked like three different versions. Well that is interesting but he failed to say what version he was using. Did he quote the King James, then the New International Version and then New American Standard? I doubt the Judge will be that stupid not to ask. Even so people will flock to this just because in the name of justice they must find a way to hate the Christian believers.

    The truth of the matter is that we American Christians need to pray a lot more. We need to pray that we change ourselves from the inside. We need to meditate on the Lord much more than we do.

    It seems that more and more we don’t look that different from the world. In the area I live the Christians seem to lack true joy in their lives. It amazes me that I actual come across new believers every now and then. That shows that God is bigger than we give Him credit for. People really do not see themselves as the Lord sees them. We believers are 100% Holy.

    I also believe that America needs a William Wilberforce. A deep follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who does not compromise. Who truly believes in achieving true Christian justice without resorting to violence.

    I exhort everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as the one and only true Son of God, saver of mankind from destruction to pray for such a man as William Wilberforce. A man who stood up for justice in England’s Parliament and was able, with the help of great people of God, to bring about the end of slavery without the killing of human blood.

    We need Christ in our world more than ever. He is being choked out of our world and America needs to see Him more and more.

    Casinos are gaining more ground and Strip Clubs are opening more and more in the area I live and nothing seems to get better. Our world is changing due to Gas prices rising and yet I don’t see Christians offering alternatives. It seems to come from compromisers, humanists, pagans and universalists. These people want population control, legalize homosexual marriages, & abortion to stay legal.

    As America grows more humanistic do not be surprised if the 1st amendment will someday be used against Christians to try and restrict them from being able worship, pray or even teach about our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. FriendTim,
    you have a great way of putting it. That’s the way it should be. Although my opinion remains the same concerning that man who wants to sue the bible publishers, you said it right that ” It seems that more and more we don’t look that different from the world.” Too often, with our kids especially, we tend to pick our battles too easily when it comes to the music they listen to or the programs they watch. ‘We want them to act and look different in this world but obviously we are not doing such a great job in many areas.

    As America is preparing for another election this coming November, we need to pray that the best man will win, hopefully not Barak Obama since we now know that he is being supported by yet another controversial group namely Planned Parenthood. With John McCain left, we need to pray that he will keep in line with Republican values for what is left of it.

  4. My pastor brought this law suit up at church tonight. He expressed his dismay at the idea that someone would even consider such a thing, yet seeing that so many religions have moved away from the Word, he isn’t surprised.

    I was called a hypocrite and hater for expressing opinion that was Bible based. Well, that’s ok. Means I twanged a nerve. Heh.

    I’m not gonna pick a fight, but I’m sure not going to back down in my faith.

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