Will We Back Them?

Will We Back Them?

I just heard a news report that President Bush has “demanded” that Russia ceases it’s attack against Georgia, a sovereign democracy.

But will we back that demand?

My understanding is that Georgia has reformed their government, attracted international investment, been a loyal U.S. ally in Iraq (fighting along side of us!), aspired to join NATO, aspired to join the European Union, and been all around favorable and very loyal to it’s friend, the United States of America.

So… Will we stand by and watch as – under the cover of the Olympics, the end of an American Presidency, American disillusionment with the Iraq War, and a general distaste amongst Americans of involving ourselves – Russia makes a move to assert itself as a world power by trampling on the rights of a free people?

I wonder, can liberty survive in the world as long as we are willing to accept the demise of our friends? What message do we send to Georgia and the rest of the world if we desert Georgia, thus stating that there is no benefit in friendship with the American People?

I am watching and learning. I hope to gain greater understanding of the conflict between Georgia and it’s more powerful neighbor, Russia.

I am not impressed with Russia. The Russian government is displaying yet again that they are not Friends of Liberty.

So what are we going to do about it?

I am very concerned.

Will the West stand? Or have we already collapsed inside?

5 thoughts on “Will We Back Them?

  1. To be honest, I am not sure what we should do about this conflict. Are we in a position to help Georgia militarily? Probably not. Do we have any sway over Russia economically? Again, probably not. That being said, what are our options?

  2. I have a real fear that will won’t stand by our friend. We don’t seem to have the manpower, nor the will, to actually do the right thing.

    If you’re curious, I came across a web site that seems to be from the Russian viewpoint….in English. Tells a totally different story than what we’re getting.


    I haven’t done too much snooping of the site, but will when I have more time.

  3. The obvious problem is getting the truth about what is going on. All media in Russia is controlled by the state and therefore all information from them is suspect. However, I don’t think Russia is too ashamed of being an enemy of liberty. They care little of what the rest of the world thinks.

  4. There were 2 interesting articles in the NewYork Times of August 11th, 2008 about this present crisis and both Robert Kagan (Putin Makes His Move) and Peter Finn (Georgia Retreats, Pleads for Truce; U.S. Condemns Russian Onslaught) make a point. Could it be that President Putin is realizing that Russia is slowly losing its players one by one, hence making it a not-so-powerful empire every time? As for the US getting involved in this conflict, do they really have the manpower or even the unity to do that right now? On the other hand, taking into consideration that Georgia seems to have been a faithful ally of the US in the Iraq conflict, it would only be fair to stand by them in one way or the other.

  5. I don’t see how the U.S. can possibly help Georgia unless we want to have WW III. If we help Georgia fight Russia then we enter war with at least 2 1/2 nations. America will have to have a draft in order to win. NATO should have been shut down back in the 1990s. So why does it exist? I thought we won the cold war. If we go to war w/ Russia then will the Chinese back up their former communist mother or will they stay out of it? Also the magic pipeline that will save the American way of life goes through Georgia. Is the United States government truly caring about the the citizens of their own country or is this all about money and power. Personally it is probably safer in Baghdad today than in the Bronx, USA.

    We live in a very busy culture. Get out of debt folks, get praying for yourself, family, friends and the nation you live in. When I say pray, I am promoting the idea that war kills people. Human beings die in war. There is this commandment that mentions that killing is not something we are supposed to do. Take that into consideration if you promote war. There is no winners in war. Veterans live with memories that they want to forget. People die in war.

    Pray that Georgia and Russia can work this out. Pray that America comes home and starts to help its own people. Pray that greed, which has been motivating our international relations for over 60 years, is repented of. Pray that our nation will begin to run from its own immorality of homosexuality, abortion, abandonment and exploitation of the poor, apathy, and love of war. It seems that the gods Loki, Mars, Moloch and Aphrodite are alive and well in the United States today. Pray for our nation. Should we follow the examples of Romans, Phoenicians, and Babylonians? Or should we follow the outlines of someone greater?

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