Wow. I think this site is experience it’s first real “targeting.” There have been a whole bunch of comments posted with the same kind of theme. It is obvious that someone is saying “let’s counter this Focus on the Family Action thing. Head on over to and counter that letter.”

There is an intense effort being made to portray the “niceness” of Barack Obama as more “like Jesus” and the “mean old crustiness” of Christian Conservatives as unchristian. Barack Obama wants to help the poor, Conservatives want to be rich and selfish. Barack Obama is nice to women, Christians will “punish” them with babies.

I am not buying it. Christians are human and have flaws, yes. The “Evangelical” movement is made up of flawed and fallen human beings. None of us have achieved perfection. When the shoe fits, when the criticism is accurate, let’s own up to it and try to change.

But I am not going to buy into the lie that someone who will allow abortion, put Christian Free Speech at risk, and move us towards a Socialistic Society is a good Christian choice. Nope.

I pray that other Christians don’t buy into the “Hate George Bush,” “Hate Evangelicals,” and “Hate James Dobson,” type lies that are out there. The difference is, I am not going to try and outlaw the ridiculous hate speech coming from some. Some of the same would want to see me prosecuted as a criminal because I think homosexuality is wrong and abortion is sinful, and socialism is immoral. I don’t hate Barack Obama. I don’t hate homosexuals. I don’t even hate “liberals.” Not at all.

But I do hate ideas that threaten Liberty.


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