Will Obama Cede U.S. Sovereignty in Copenhagen?

Will Obama Cede U.S. Sovereignty in Copenhagen?

If the Youtube Video is not working watch here:

Hat tip to Chad Prigmore over at Effective Spirit for calling this video to my attention.

I’m not sure what to make of it at this point. This is the question that comes to mind though: All of our attention is on Health Care Reform and there is only a vague sense in the nation that a “Second Kyoto” is going on over there somewhere that isn’t really a threat to us.

I wonder, what is the deal in Copenhagen?

One thing the guy in this video missed about U.S. law is this: No treaty becomes law until ratified by the senate and the senate can unratify the treaty later. Other nations might tell us we cannot, but we can.

Our sovereignty cannot be compromised if we are willing to defend it. I wonder who is going to come and enforce the law if we unratify it later?

I am very interested to hear your thoughts (readers) about this video and this treaty in Copenhagen. Is Lord Christopher Monckton out to lunch or is the threat real?

One thought on “Will Obama Cede U.S. Sovereignty in Copenhagen?

  1. The thing that concerns me is that US law and the Constitution seem to be pushed aside by the Obama administration. I just heard yesterday that he plans to implement a carbon control system similar to the Copenhagen treaty (if it does not pass) using the EPA – the same way he has gotten around the constitution before through the use of czars that don’t have to answer to congress.

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